Pros and Cons of Each Orlando Magic Offseason Addition

Hunter Konsens@HunterKonsensCorrespondent IIOctober 24, 2012

Pros and Cons of Each Orlando Magic Offseason Addition

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    Due to the departure of Dwight Howard, the Orlando Magic possess a multitude of new talents on their roster. Each of these players, of course, has his own strengths and weaknesses, like all new additions.

    Whether it be a flaw in their game, a large contract, advanced age or something entirely different, all acquisitions in NBA history have had pros and cons, and the Magic offseason additions are no exception.

    While no superstars are present in this new batch of Magic players, the fact of the matter is the role players now available for coach Jacque Vaughn are quite intriguing. The real question is, though, will the risks outweigh the rewards?

Arron Afflalo

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    Arron Afflalo is arguably the most underrated player in the entire Association. How many players can create their own shot and lock down their opponent's best scorer?

    That's right, only superstars. Obviously, Afflalo is not a household name, but he deserves more recognition with his skill set.

    Afflalo is the new leader of the Orlando Magic and will be relied on heavily.



    If there are two things that kill rebuilding organizations, they are large contracts and veterans.

    Sadly, Afflalo falls into both of these categories. At 27 years old and in possession of a five-year, $38.5 million contract, it is unlikely that this former UCLA star is a long-term solution at shooting guard.

Andrew Nicholson

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    There are few big men with as refined a skill set as Andrew Nicholson's entering the league. Not only can the rookie power forward nail a solid mid-range jumper, but he is a solid defender and has a consistent post game.

    Jameer Nelson may have found a new pick-and-roll partner to replace Dwight Howard in the rookie from St. Bonaventure.



    Despite being picked with the 19th overall selection, Andrew Nicholson is far from a top-tier prospect. Already 22 years old, Nicholson's advanced age won't give him the necessary time to develop into a legitimate star power forward.

    Additionally, his small stature—he is only 6'9"—coupled with his lack of elite athleticism doesn't exactly help his case either.

Moe Harkless

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    Unlike Andrew Nicholson, the sky is truly the limit for Moe Harkless. While he may not be able to contribute immediately due to the presences of Hedo Türkoğlu and Quentin Richardson, Harkless could be a long-term solution at the starting small forward slot.

    With remarkable athleticism, solid size and huge upside, one can easily see why the Philadelphia 76ers decided to take Harkless with their first-round draft pick.



    Once again, Harkless will struggle to find minutes in the rotation the next few years. He is quite raw and definitely needs time to develop.

    The great thing about Harkless is, at only 19 years old, he has an abundance of time to develop.

Gustavo Ayón

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    After a successul rookie campaign, Gustavo Ayón will spend his sophomore season with the Orlando Magic, where he will see major minutes at the center position. For the immediate future, Ayón is a fantastic option at the center slot.

    He has a great work ethic, a knack for hitting the boards hard and the ability to defend most centers more than adequately. 



    Gustavo Ayón isn't your typical second-year player. At 27 years old, his career is about to, if it hasn't already, peak.

    This obviously shows that Ayón will most likely only be a contributor for this squad during the worst days of this current rebuilding project. 

Al Harrington

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    With few proven veterans on the roster, Al Harrington's experience may prove valuable to the prospects on the squad. After all, players need role models on which to model their games and, most importantly, their lives in the NBA.

    The NBA lifestyle is unlike any other experience in the world, and the younger players need to listen to their elder statesmen. Al Harrington's story is especially interesting, as this forward as matured tremendously since his first years as a professional.

    Additionally, Harrington can be a fantastic reserve big man for the Magic with his silky-smooth jumper.



    Like I alluded to earlier in this slideshow, veterans and large contracts kill rebuilding phases. Unfortunately, Harrington owns a cumbersome deal and is already in the twilight years of his successful career.

    With three years and over $22 million on his contract, Harrington's contract may prove difficult to move.

Nikola Vučević

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    A true seven-footer, Nikola Vučević may become a successful successor to the starting center job Dwight Howard left. He can hit the mid-range jumper, complete an array of post moves and even hit the boards effectively.




    The above adjective perfectly sums up Nikola Vučević's game. While he holds tremendous upside, he still needs to refine his skills if he wants to become a legitimate center.

Other Additions

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    Kyle O'Quinn: This second round pick has a big body and played exceptionally in the Summer League, but is way too raw to contribute as of now.

    E'Twaun Moore: Moore is a 6'4" point guard with great offensive prowess. He just doesn't have the facilitator skills to become a true starting guard.

    Christian Eyenga: He has solid size and athleticism, but battles inconsistency issues.

    Josh McRoberts: McRoberts is a hustler who can also knock down the open three-pointer. 

    DeQuan Jones: The former Miami star has been quite the surprise, putting up solid statistics in the preseason. However, the plethora of small forwards on the roster may lead to him being cut.

    Armon Johnson: A former point guard prospect who just hasn't lived up to the hype. With three point guards already on the roster, Johnson may be on the chopping block.