Michael Jordan BBQ Sauce Sold for $10,000, Completely Worth It

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 16, 2012

Fine wine, as it turns out, is a lot like Michael Jordan barbecue sauce, getting better and more expensive with age.

Might I interest you in a gallon of the 1992 McJordan? It sits on the palate like satin, offering subtle notes of vanilla, oak and perspiration.

ESPN reports a gallon of McDonald's barbecue sauce that was supposed to be used years ago in Michael Jordan-inspired McJordan sandwiches has just been sold for thousands more than it was worth.

The gallon of sauce had been with Mort Bank since 1992, when a regional promotion had sandwiches named after the legendary Chicago Bulls guard.

Bank owned and operated a location in North Dakota and recently wondered what the spare bottle of 20-year-old sauce would go for on the open market. 


I've got quite a bit of McDonald's memorabilia. This was on my shelf, and my daughter who helps me with eBay said, "I wonder what something like this would be worth?"

Bank wouldn't divulge who the buyer was, but he did mention that he was from—you guessed it—Chicago. We assume, as Bank did, that the proud owner of ancient BBQ sauce is a Bulls fan.

As for the price, Bank stuck to his wishes of nearing the $10,000 mark and was well rewarded for his patience.

He initially had the item up a few months ago and only received offers for $1,000, but news spread recently and the offers came flooding in:

All of a sudden a news story broke, not sure how, but all of a sudden my daughter called and said we were getting all kinds of offers and questions about it. It started spreading on the Internet. People paid attention and started making offers.

The rare item is now the prized possession of a super NBA aficionado who just couldn't wait to put the jug of sauce on his mantle.

Let's just hope it stays sealed.

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