Golden State Warriors' Rookies Hazed into Awful Singing & Dancing Gangnam Style

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 15, 2012

Feel free to point your respective fingers towards the Bay Area and laugh lovingly at a bunch of rookies being hazed. 

It's all in the name of outstanding fun, if not some horrible singing. 

A tip of the virtual hat to It's Always Sunny in Detroit for spotting some great hazing going down in Oakland. 

The video itself is long, but here are some points of interest you might consider when taking down this delicious piece of humble pie for some of the NBA's newest. 

  • At the :50 second mark, Draymond Green gets the party started with an emotional rendition of "Lean on Me." I wept. 
  • At the 1:55 mark, Lance Goulbourne enters into a rousing sing-a-long of the ABC's, lifting spirits and teaching the alphabet like a true Warrior. 
  • At the 3:05 mark, Kent Bazemore launches into ABC's of a different nature. It's a beautifully off-key styling of the Jackson 5's song, and it's thankfully short. 
  • At the 3:46 mark, Carlon Brown drops some awkward Biggie on the arena. 
  • At the 4:50 mark, Rick Jackson sing "I Believe I Can Fly" so poorly you have to believe he really doesn't believe he can fly. 

Harrison Barnes rapped, Festus Elezi sang some Backstreet Boys and general frivolity broke out all over the arena. 

This being the year of PSY, you knew all the rookies would have to show off their best Gangnam Style, a dance that takes off at the 10:20 mark. 

If this were just a few months ago, they would have been forced to sing "Call Me Maybe."

All of this is to point out something very important. The Warriors have entirely too many rookies at camp. 


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