Larry Bird and Skeletor Feature Prominently in Masterpiece Painting

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 9, 2012

Photo Credit: With Leather
Photo Credit: With Leather

Larry Bird and Skeletor feature in a painting so perfect yet so haunting, it will burn an image into your mind and leave it there for you to tell people what you saw decades from now. 

Or not. 

Either way, the painting spotted by With Leather is pretty much Ninja Turtles on the scale of things that are completely awesome. 

Here is what I like to call, Masters of Their Own Universe. 

With Leather found this at the NBA Reddit thread, apparently spotted at an ice cream parlour, making this the best news ever. 

The Blog The NBA Dribbled Out had more information from this image they uploaded. 

Somone uploaded this picture of a painting, which they claimed to have found in an ice cream parlor. In case you were wondering, that’s Larry Bird enjoying a milkshake while sitting with Skeletor, the arch-enemy of He-Man. Skeletor appears to be enjoying a cigarette instead of a delicious lactose treat. I love milkshakes and Larry Bird, but I also enjoy a smoke every now and then, so this picture was begging to be blogged about.

If you want an art critic's take on the painting, I have to say I rather enjoy the shocked look on Larry Legend's face which works in tandem with the audience's own astonishment to the wonderful absurdity they are taking in. 

Skeletor, ever the misunderstood warlord from a mystical plane, seems almost gracious as he offers the Hall of Fame NBA player a smoke. 

That's as much art critique that I can muster, but I encourage you to do the same in the comments section. 

I have no idea why the biggest foe to He-Man is making time with the biggest star in Celtics history, nor why one artist felt compelled to capture the moment of brilliance that crossed their mind. 

We just give thanks to the world that can be quite beautiful sometimes. 

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