NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Players Who Could Be on the Move If They Underperform

Alex Bacon@abacon55Correspondent IOctober 9, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: 5 Players Who Could Be on the Move If They Underperform

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    With the start of the NBA season less than a month away, trade rumors are starting to heat up. Some players, if they fail to live up to expectations, may be on the move.

    We saw this last season with Richard Jefferson, who was traded by the San Antonio Spurs to the Golden State Warriors. Jefferson’s points per game average dropped, so the Spurs traded him for Stephen Jackson.

    The same can be said about Derek Fisher. The Los Angeles Lakers traded away the veteran point guard because he was not the same player he once was. He was replaced by Ramon Sessions, who exceeded Fisher’s offensive production.

    Jefferson and Fisher are only two of a handful of examples. This year, a couple of players may find themselves in the same position. If they don't perform, then they will be traded.

Jose Calderon

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    The Toronto Raptors may be running out of patience with Jose Calderon.

    Since acquiring Kyle Lowry earlier this offseason, the Raptors may no longer need Calderon’s services.

    Over the course of Calderon’s career, he has still not broken out as true leader on the Raptors. Calderon’s time may be waning because the Raptors haven’t clinched a playoff berth since 2007.

    His $10.7 million paycheck next season is far too much if he ends up being a backup point guard.

    The Dallas Mavericks have already expressed interest in Calderon, and the Raptors have already begun to look for a new home for him too.

Monta Ellis/Brandon Jennings

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    Monta Ellis was moved from the Golden State Warriors at the trade deadline last season, and he may be on the move again. He and Brandon Jennings still are possible options for the Bucks to deal.

    Both are guards, and now that the Milwaukee Bucks drafted Doron Lamb, either Ellis or Jennings may be on the move.

    The Bucks are in need of a big man who can grab some rebounds and score in the paint.

    Newly acquired Samuel Dalembert may provide some help down low, but the trade value of both Ellis and Jennings may bring in a better big man.

Tyreke Evans

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    After a phenomenal rookie season, Tyreke Evans has seen his stats decline in his second and third years in the NBA.

    It's already been rumored that Evans may be on the move, but it seems like the Kings have some faith in the first-round draft pick. If Marcus Thornton continues to play well though, the Kings’ thoughts on Evans may change.

    It also may occur to the Kings that they should shop Evans while his trade value is high. If his stats keep dipping, then other teams may no longer be interested in trading for him.

Kevin Martin

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    Last season, Kevin Martin’s offensive production declined. His points per game average dropped by about six points, and he didn’t shoot too well from behind the arc.

    This decrease could partially be due to injuries, but the Houston Rockets may want to trade him before his value drops further down.

    The Rockets will also have rookie Jeremy Lamb competing with Martin for playing time. If Martin cannot prove that last his lack of production last season was a fluke, then he may be on the move.

    Martin has also hinted that he does not want to re-sign with the Rockets. It may be in the best interest of the Rockets to trade him now so they can get assets in return.

Richard Hamilton

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    It’s no secret that Richard Hamilton’s best years are behind him, but he still can be valuable to a couple of teams in the NBA.

    The Chicago Bulls have already looked for possible teams to deal Hamilton to, but they haven’t had much luck.

    Hamilton did not turn out to be the piece the Bulls were looking for when they acquired him last year, and if he doesn’t improve quickly, then he will be moved.

    Derrick Rose’s injury also may play a role in Hamilton’s future on the Bulls. The Bulls may want to rebuild until Rose returns, meaning that there would be no room on the team for Hamilton.