Knicks' JR Smith Stars in Sean Paul Music Video, Still Won't Pass the Ball

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 9, 2012

JR Smith never passed up a shot he didn't believe he could make, and he does it once again with this opportunity in a Sean Paul music video. 

Smith plays the role of a man in love. At least, that's what we gathered from the few moments the Knicks guard actually played in this video. 

The song is "How Deep is Your Love," and the Sean Paul joint features Kelly Rowland in the role of best thing about this whole production. 

So how deep is JR Smith's love? It seems he is willing to go above and beyond for his lady love, holding her hand, walk her across the street and even call her on a cell phone. 

The line forms to the right, ladies. 

Smith really only had to show a knack for smooching and holding hands. It seems a propensity to walk the other way was high on the prerequisites to star in this music video. 

ESPN spoke with JR Smith and has more from this magical romp through NYC. 

"They just came to me and asked me to do it," he told on Saturday. "From listening to the song, they just said I was the perfect person to play it." 

Smith said that Paul and Rowland filmed their own scenes in Los Angeles, and his was a one-day, six-hour shoot in NYC. While the experience made him want to continue acting, he's not jumping into it again so fast. 

"It's hard," he said. "A lot of people underestimate it. Acting is definitely a tough gig to have." 

The amazing part wasn't that Smith went a whole day without ripping the ball from someone and shooting it, and it wasn't that we made it through an entire Sean Paul video when we promised not to do such a thing 10 years ago. 

It was that it took six hours to shoot JR Smith walking on streets and holding hands. I guess that scene in the coffee shop where he looked hungry must have taken some time to set up. 

JR Smith, shooter of shots and man in love. 

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