NBA 2k13 Review: Gameplay's Smooth Flow Gives Action Life-Like Feel

Ian HanfordFeatured ColumnistOctober 3, 2012

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NBA 2K13 is a must-own franchise for anyone who considers themselves an avid sports gamer. No matter which way you cut it, this game is spot-on.

Like every new title, the game has its bells and whistles. That's not what sets this title apart, though.

For those who enjoy simply playing the game, the on-court play is absolutely stunning.

Using the control stick gives gamers a chance to break down individual defenders with dazzling precision, with every movement looking so life-like that it's likely to scare you a little bit.

It's something that you have to experience firsthand to really understand. Players are just more loose; there is nothing remotely robotic about them.

A lot of that comes from the variety of skills that you can string together.

It doesn't look like a step one, step two, step three-type process. It looks like you just went from triple-threat position to the rim with one fluid jab step, reverse pivot, spin move combo.

Obviously, you must master the long list of controls to really experience this, but it's worth it. Even if you can't, the basics are enough to impress you.

Players now have signature moves. Dunks are no longer generic, but one-leg and two-leg leaps are taken into account. It's more difficult to get to the rim without making a few moves, making the game more realistic in itself.

You can go a whole game without duplicating one play if you really want to. The variety on both ends of the floor is flawless, meaning the game will maintain its fun qualities for a long time.

2K12 was fun, but if you thought that was hard to shut off, you've seen nothing yet. 2K13 knocks it out of the park, and that starts with the actual game itself.

If you're just picking up the basketball franchise, I advise playing one quick game before you peruse the game's various features. It will give you a better feel of the little things that make this game the best basketball franchise of all-time.