Golden State Warriors Break Totally New Ground with Gangnam Style Video

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OMG, guys!

The Golden State Warriors really have something here. The team by the bay decided to record something so cutting edge, you may just slice your finger the moment you click play. 

There is no telling where they got the idea to record a parody of "Gangnam Style." Perhaps it was buried in the mound of videos we saw do the same thing this morning or the pile of parodies from earlier in the week. 

Either way, the Warriors decided to make their own with amazing video with new features that separate their version from the other million. 

First off, the video starts off with the same exact shot we see all the time: a close-up of a too-cool dude wearing sunglasses. 

The rest of the video features all new lip-syncing and hot women who weren't in the last version you saw. 

In short, this is the best use of time, aside from fielding an actual basketball team. 

The part of this story that gives me the creeps is that this is one of the early entries. Get ready, America, because hours more are on the way.  

If you want a favorite part, take a gander at the 55-second mark when a blonde beauty dominates a BART train. 

You can see similar acts every day on BART, only it's some weird dude wearing headphones going nuts while an odd odor emanates throughout the cabin. 

Gangnam Style, it's not just a music video anymore. It's a way of life that will be forced upon us. 

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