5 Best Candidates to Take over Brian Scalabrine's Role as NBA's Running Joke

Preston DeGarmoAnalyst ISeptember 24, 2012

5 Best Candidates to Take over Brian Scalabrine's Role as NBA's Running Joke

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    The NBA took a major hit this summer when Brian Scalabrine, one-time NBA champion and social media superstar, hung up his jersey and retired from the league.

    Scalabrine has long held a special place in the hearts of NBA fans, due to his interminable confidence, enthusiastic bench-warming and questionable athletic ability.

    But with Scalabrine gone, NBA fans are in need of a new icon to laugh at, cheer for and wonder at.

    The NBA has lost its greatest source of entertainment and is teetering on the brink of collapse. Who will step in to save it? 

Steve Blake

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    It’s actually hard to believe how awful Steve Blake has become. After several successful seasons in Portland and a brief stint with the Clippers, Blake joined the Lakers in 2010 and promptly abandoned all of his basketball talent.

    The previously solid Blake appears to have permanently lost his shooting ability and confidence, and with Steve Nash and Chris Duhon now in L.A., his odds of returning to relevance are miniscule.

    Blake lacks Scalabrine’s charm and intrigue, but he is a terrible player on a title contender and he at least appears to have the capacity to make a fool of himself. 

Kwame Brown

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    As one of the biggest NBA draft busts of all time, Kwame Brown has always been somewhat of a joke in the NBA. His terrible coordination, lack of confidence and tendency to make idiotic plays have led NBA fans to ridicule him at every turn. 

    There’s little doubt that Kwame is a mediocre player, yet he has shown a baffling ability to stick in the league while commanding high price tags. 

    Brown should get decent playing time in Philadelphia, and he’ll never have Scalabrine’s charisma, but his many shortcomings and bust status make him a candidate to inherit Scalabrine's title of the biggest joke in basketball. 

JaVale McGee

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    McGee is unique on this list in that he is the only player present who actually has considerable value to his organization. In fact, McGee has serious upside and could soon be an all-star in this league given the right coaching. 

    However, despite his remarkable talent, McGee has built a reputation as a bit of a joke in this league. McGee took advantage of the lockout-shortened season to establish himself as a human blooper reel. Throughout the season, he made a series of boneheaded plays that drew jeers and laughs from fans around the world.

    McGee’s basketball I.Q. is lacking, to say the least, and as long as he continues making ridiculous mistakes out on the basketball court, he should be a major candidate to replace Scalabrine as the NBA’s running joke. 

Adam Morrison

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    Morrison earns a spot on this list after recently inking a contract with the Portland Trail Blazers. 

    A former college star, Morrison has been best known in the NBA for his alternating middle-school skater/axe-murderer hairstyles, lovely mustache and a surprising inability to shoot the ball.

    Morrison has long been a joke in the league, but he’s been held back by his inability to stick with a team.

    If Morrison can manage to land a consistent role with an NBA squad, he’ll be a prime candidate to follow Scalabrine as the NBA’s biggest joke. 

Metta World Peace

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    Ron Artest was once an outstanding basketball player, but then Metta World Peace stepped in and the last fragments of Artest’s talent seemed to vanish.

    World Peace has always been one of the NBA’s most outspoken and quirky individuals, and at this point in his career he is better known for his odd character than for his skills.

    Regardless of his production on the court, World Peace should continue to act like a buffoon off of it, and as his ball-handling and shooting ability diminish further, he is sure to become little more than a joke in the NBA.