Next Season of 'Basketball Wives' Will Feature Stephon Marbury's Wife

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterSeptember 24, 2012

Photo Credit: New Image Wire
Photo Credit: New Image Wire

The next season of Basketball Wives will at least feature a tad bit more basketball, sort of. 

The show that is far more about shouting, fighting and the airing of grievances than it is about basketball will reportedly feature the reality talents of Stephon Marbury's wife, Tasha Marbury. 

TMZ (h/t Black Sports Online) reports the wife of the former NBA star is being targeted for the appeal she will lend to the popular reality-TV show and to shore up some of the holes left by departing personalities. 

Sources close to the production tell us ... Tasha Marbury is in final talks to join the show -- a much needed cast replacement after Royce, Jennifer and Kesha were all axed. 

We're told producers approached Tasha for two main reasons ... she's actually a basketball wife (she and Stephon married in 2002) ... and secondly she's already friends with some of the other "wives."

Sources tell us, Tasha was previously asked to do season 1 of "BB Wives", except Stephon nixed the idea -- but now he lives in China part time playing for the Beijing Ducks ... and changed his tune. 

Basketball Wives is about a group of women, most of which have dated, married or have heard about the sport of basketball players. 

If you want plot, the show centers around a group of women and the ways they can embarrass themselves by turning minor gripes into slap fests for the sake of ratings. 

As you can tell, this show rubs me the wrong way. 

At it's heart, the show is really about the wives and girlfriends of sports stars and life behind the scenes. 

However, it's received justified criticism on how it places turmoil and arguments far above anything else. 

With that, we certainly hope Marbury can hold her own while talking behind other's backs or shouting to the faces of her new colleagues. 

The report is also careful to say the show's biggest star, Evelyn Lozada, has not yet decided to do next season's show. 

As for Marbury, he has enjoyed quite the renaissance in the form of a second career in China's professional basketball league.

Now his wife of ten years aims to dominate this nation with her appearance on the increasingly popular show.  

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