NBA 2K13: Andrew Bynum and Players Who Are Rated Too Low

Ethan Grant@DowntownEGAnalyst ISeptember 14, 2012

Photo Credit: USAToday
Photo Credit: USAToday

Each year during gameplay on 2K's NBA sports franchise, you find yourself scratching your head with a player rating. While LeBron James and Dwight Howard usually lead the pack, there's always question marks about why certain players feel slighted.

Through 2K Sports' official twitter account and other online resources, information has leaked about player ratings. We know the top 20, but we learn more about who was slighted through who wasn't leaked during this process.

Andrew Bynum

The Philadelphia 76ers have the best center in basketball not named Howard, and he's only an 87? Injury concerns and attitude problems probably affected his ranking, as they should.

But, Bynum is one of the most dominant players at his position. At times, no one could guard the big man last season, and he was even an option down the stretch for the Los Angeles Lakers before Pau Gasol and at least once ahead of Kobe Bryant.

Bynum should be a 90. He has the talent and stats to reflect the rating of an upper echelon player, and 87 (the same rating as Pau Gasol) seems to low for the mid-20's center. 

Dirk Nowitzki

I've always felt Nowitzki's rating was low, going back to NBA Live on EA Sports' platform. Whether Dirk doesn't get the credit because he's a jump-shooting big man, or because he doesn't rebound like a traditional forward, his rating suffers below players that won't end up in the Hall of Fame, where he already has a ticket.

Pau Gasol is still an 87. Say what you will about Nowitzki, but he's the catalyst of the offense for at least one more season and managed to finish 8th in the league in scoring despite all the early-season setbacks. 

His rating hasn't been revealed, but when it drops I fear it will be in the mid-to-low 80s, despite the evidence that suggests he should be closer to 90.

Kenneth Faried

He and his frontcourt mate JaVale McGee graded out to 76 and 74, respectively, which is far too low for the Nuggets tandem. Faried was able to come in as a rookie and average 10 points and six rebounds as a rookie in only 22 minutes per game.

By comparison, Serge Ibaka, who deserves an honorable mention for a higher rating at 81, only averaged nine points and seven rebounds in more minutes. Faried should have been a little closer to 80, but it's hard to project things like hustle and positioning in NBA games.

Tony Parker

An under-the-radar MVP candidate last season, Parker kept the Spurs' machine running smoothly and did it to the tune of 18 points on 48 percent shooting.

Concerns about his age and health are there, especially after his offseason eye problems. But Parker is the same dynamic player as Monta Ellis (who is an 86) just not in the same capacity. His ability to get to the rim while also making the right decision helps San Antonio win 50+ games every season.