Thunder Star James Harden Makes It Rain at Strip Club

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Thunder Star James Harden Makes It Rain at Strip Club
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Oklahoma City Thunder star and wearer of gorgeous beards recently contributed to the National Stripper Fund. 

Trey Kerby of The Basketball Jones reports the man in this grainy video is none other than James Harden, and the lady getting doused in dollar bills is none other than a stripper. 

Please note that there are some NSFW images, especially if your job frowns on scantily-clad women and/or Thunder players. Also, look away if you are sensitive to flashing lights because, holy hell, the start of this video is annoying. 

There you go—just some good old-fashioned NBA fun. 

As Kerby reminds us, this isn't Harden's first foray into epic fun. The sharpshooter was also the best-dressed, or least-dressed, man at an all-white boat party this summer

Here he is draped in beauties. 

As for this video, we have a few grievances. First off is the video itself, which seems to be recorded on a camcorder from 1997. 

Sound off on the most frustrating part in all this—the strobe light effect, or the grainy Zapruder-tape feel?

Second, how does Harden not realize that he is not only getting recorded, but there is someone to his left that is visibly capturing the moment on a camera as well. 

It's as if this is a photo shoot for some new stripper product he is endorsing. 

Guys, try not to allow evidence of your strip club escapades, or at least limit them to word of mouth. 

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