Kevin Durant Rapping with Stephen Jackson Will End How You Expect

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterAugust 16, 2012

Photo Credit: Homeless Tracks
Photo Credit: Homeless Tracks

Kevin Durant will take his NBA skills into the recording studio on Stephen Jackson's next album. This seems like a fairly reasonable idea. 

XXL Mag (h/t Off the Bench) has the scoop on the latest joint from Captain Jack, and it includes the scoring machine known as Durantula. 

Jackson was interviewed and dropped some information on the collaboration. First, the NBA star sounds off on the stigma of players rapping (via XXL Mag):

You mentioned that KD is on the album. How do you kind of stay away from getting grouped in with all of the other NBA players who try their hand at rapping? A lot of people have this and that to say about players who make music, so how do you kind of stand alone on that?

I don’t care, I don’t pay attention to it, I’m me. Who cares what people say? I mean, people’s opinions are like buttholes—everybody has one. I don’t even pay it attention.

Eloquent and profound. 

And yes, I happen to have one of those—an opinion that is. Since rap was invented, it seems every last NBA star has tried his hand at the art form, with lackluster results. 

You only need to take a gander at one of the many lists that breaks down all the NBA misses from the rap game.

The difficult part in all this is even when an athlete has skill, not many people care, making this tough on those wanting to prove themselves in front of the mic. 

That brings us to Durant (via XXL Mag):

So Durant’s kind of nice with it?

Yeah, KD can go, man. I respect him for even getting on the track with me, because a lot of athletes are scared to even get on the same song with me ’cause they feel I’m gonna embarrass them. I’m just happy he took the time to do it, and he really killed the verse so a lot of people are gonna be surprised by it.

Stephen Jackson seems to rather like his rap skills. You can hear him freestyle in this NSFW video as Stak5. 

Yes, the man has skills. 

As for Durant, he has some game as well, rapping with Privaledge in this NSFW video

As you can hear, there is nothing to worry about as far as Durant falling flat on his face, because he does indeed come nice with it. 

The hard part, as with any athlete who can ball in the studio, is the duo will not get the credit they deserve if it's indeed great. 

If you thought being an NBA player was hard, try becoming a rap star with the stigma that comes with athletes in the recording studio. 

Good luck, and we all await the end result. 

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