Yao Ming Video: Watch Chinese Superstar's Wonderful Mini Oreo Commercial

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJuly 5, 2012

Hooray for Yao Ming. Better yet, hooray for Mini-Oreo cookies and all that is good and delicious in this world. 

Here is a commercial that will pretty much hit every last part of that sweet tooth and also happens to be the most Yao Ming thing to feature Yao Ming in pretty much forever. 

The former Houston Rockets star is back to warm our hearts one mini treat at a time. 

Really, there is hardly a more wholesome set of images this side of a Tim Tebow-chaperoned date. It has it all, even a little kid trying to dupe the seven-footer. 

It also features warm smiles from Yao and a few inaudible mumbles, just like we all remember. Hooray for nostalgia. 

The video we spotted over at SportsGrid begins like any other great waltz through the park: featuring pastel-collared shirts and a handful of Oreos. 

Okay, my walks may be a tad different than yours—and a tinge bit more unhealthy. 

That's when the little kid—who, by non-scientific examination of proportions, must be six-feet tall himself—asks Yao Ming the greatest of life's questions: Does he dig on the cookies too?

You are damn right he digs on these cookies. But he doesn't appreciate being bamboozled like he is towards the end of this brief commercial. 

All is well as the two share quite the awkward moment at the end.

There, consider your daily quota of awesome reached. 


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