NBA Draft Suits: The Best and Worst Dressed Players at Thursday's Draft

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NBA Draft Suits: The Best and Worst Dressed Players at Thursday's Draft
Elsa/Getty Images

The 2012 NBA Draft is now in the history books, which means it's time to judge the draftees by the only thing they really did Thursday: dressed up. 

The draft allows players to showcase their style and swagger, which if you couldn't tell from the ridiculous postgame hype during the playoffs, is a huge deal in sports media. As if we couldn't find enough from their on-court play to analyze, we now have their often-raucous postgame style to criticize.

We've seen some pretty "out-there" looks in the past from the likes of Joakim Noah among others, and we fortunately weren't taken back by any outfits that could fall in the "worst ever" department. 

Though, a few players left us scratching our heads with the fashion choices they made Thursday night on the biggest day of their respective lives. 

Let's take a look at some of the best and worst fashion choices at the 2012 draft.

Best: Terrence Ross

I'll admit that bow ties are a hit-or-miss fashion pick depending on the person. Some people love it, some people hate it.

Elsa/Getty Images

But no matter what end of the spectrum you fall, there's no denying that Terrence Ross blew his draft class out of the water with a poppin' fresh, green bow tie that leapt off the screen.

His quiet but "uber-stylish" checkered blue shirt beneath the tie only made the look even more exuberant. 

But of course, his biggest home run of the night was being selected eighth overall by the Toronto Raptors.

Best: John Henson

It usually takes masterful work from a designer to get a man with John Henson's body structure to pull off a suit, but he couldn't have done it better.

Elsa/Getty Images

The newest Milwaukee Buck's silver suit, and the design on it flowed perfectly. He was able to represent his roots at North Carolina with a blue tie but did so in a way that looked both polite and stylish. 

Throw in a pocket square to blend perfectly and you have yourself a fly-looking seven-footer. 

Worst: Meyers Leonard

Illinois big man Meyers Leonard came in to the draft as one of the lesser-known players slated to go early to a lottery team, and he didn't give himself a very good first impression.

Elsa/Getty Images

First, he seemingly stole a family's picnic cloth and decided to wear it as a shirt. Then, he searched the entire state of New York for the most obnoxious tie that he could possibly wear. 

He showed that he obviously hasn't taken fifth-grade etiquette classes by unbuttoning his jacket, and who knows what is going on with his pocket square.

Leonard's only saving grace was that his hideous snapback hat managed to match his tie. 

Worst: Dion Waiters

Syracuse's outstanding sixth-man Dion Waiters must have assumed teams were going to forget about him after not starting a single game last season, so he wore one of the most eye-piercing color combinations to get the general mangers' respective attention. 

Elsa/Getty Images

Well, it worked. He was picked way earlier than expected at No. 4 overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Everybody knows that you went to Syracuse, Dion, so the obnoxious orange tie is a little too much.

If you were really sold on the orange tie, you could've at least picked something (anything) other than a big-bird-yellow shirt to go underneath.

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