Miami Heat Video: Watch Cleveland Weatherman Lose It over Title Talk

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterJune 22, 2012

Oh, Cleveland. It's now your turn to show us the bitter critters you might be. 

Here is a weatherman trying to deliver a weather report despite the still gaping wound left by LeBron James winning his first title with the Miami Heat instead of the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

Contrary to what we thought might happen, Cleveland didn't vanish like the island on LOST right after Miami Heat's beatdown of the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 on Thursday night. 

Despite the fact the Thunder were pretty much spanked on live television, there is still a very good question floating around that we may have the answer. 

Which city suffered more during last night's title-clinching victory?

Obviously, it's Cleveland. The Thunder are built to win, and will have a solid core for the next few years, but Cleveland is still Cleveland, and that humidity level on this report is dreadful. 

The YouTube description tells us this is Mark Johnson of WEWS-TV. He tries to get through the weather report which, if it's anything like my local weather report, is glossed over rather easily by viewers. 

This time, something interesting happens as Johnson devolves into a frustrated mess, and it's hilarious. Andy Baskin has to come in and stop him from beating the dead horse that is Cleveland misery. 

We know it hurts, Cleveland. But it's time to give credit where credit is due. It just means thunder storms and heat waves will be a little more difficult to deal with for the time being. 

Stay indoors. 


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