Allen Iverson: Former NBA Star Pursues Legal Action Against Estranged Wife

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Allen Iverson: Former NBA Star Pursues Legal Action Against Estranged Wife
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Off-the-court issues are more frequent when you’re off the court.

Allen Iverson is out of the NBA, but his absence in front of a camera hasn’t taken him out of the public eye. His latest newsworthy drama doesn’t stem from a broken relationship with the league, but his wife.

TMZ reported that the only answer AI wants to hear out of a judge’s mouth is "guilty" in response to Iverson’s request that his estranged wife be put behind bars.

Iverson spent time in Asia playing basketball last month. When he returned to his comfy Georgia home, it wasn’t comfy anymore. Iverson alleges that his wife Tawanna went into his house and took everything that she could carry with her—furniture, memorabilia and, of course, cash.

After repeatedly asking for her to return the items, the only response that Iverson received from Tawanna was allegedly a big, fat no. Because of her refusal, AI is pleading with a judge to lock her up for harassment and prevent her from entering his home. A ruling has yet to take place.

Iverson’s ability to find trouble won’t aid him in his effort to find a home in the NBA.

According to CBS Sports, he said in an interview televised by ESPN: "I'm not using that word [retirement]. I want to play basketball so bad."

The media immediately followed his expression of passion by immeasurable speculation about where he could land. One door that closed immediately was to the New York Knicks. Mark Berman of the New York Post reported that, despite a lack of backcourt depth, the Knicks have no interest in providing Iverson with another NBA contract.

AI will turn 37 this June so the odds that the league's general managers will rule in his favor are slim to none. He should just settle for a ruling against his wife.

David Daniels is a featured columnist at Bleacher Report and a syndicated writer.

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