Is Dwight Howard Really Worth All the Drama to the Orlando Magic?

Jeremy GottliebContributor IMay 30, 2012

You're finally going to get your wish, Dwight, even if you still don't know what it is.
You're finally going to get your wish, Dwight, even if you still don't know what it is.Chris Trotman/Getty Images

He's the gift that keeps on giving for us NBA-heads.

Dwight Howard, who has done everything in his power this season to make himself look like the biggest jerk in the NBA while simultaneously making LeBron James appear thoughtful and well-informed, post-Decision, is at it again.

Wednesday came word that Howard, who's favorite footwear has to be flip-flops, is now again waffling about his future with the Magic. Howard reportedly regrets his decision to opt in to the option year in his contract at the trade deadline and once again wants to be traded.

This development, which is about as predictable as the sun rising, was reported by Yahoo! Sports NBA guru Adrian Wojnarowski on Wednesday morning and is just the latest chapter in what is now a laughable and irreversible travesty perpetrated by Howard and his people on the Orlando organization, which, by the way, should not be exonerated from its own woefully stupid behavior in handling the situation.

The bottom line here is that the Magic, who have bent over every which way for Howard over the past handful of years to placate him, even going so far as to fire Stan Van Gundy—a coach who led them to the playoffs in each of his five seasons at the helm—have to put an end to the madness and trade Howard for whatever they can get.

The Howard situation and the organization's subsequent botching of it has ruined the credibility of everyone involved. The Magic can't possibly expect any coach with even a shred of dignity to come in and inherit this mess if Howard is still on the roster come training camp.

Howard, who is so immature that in wanting to make everyone like him has instead made everyone hate him, needs a change of scenery in order to start earning back some of his lost appeal.

No one has emerged from this mess unscathed except for Howard's poor teammates, who had to sit back and helplessly watch him torpedo their season while answering questions for him every single day. Howard looks like a villain, Van Gundy (who will get another job the minute he wants one) lost his job as did GM Otis Smith. 

Meanwhile, Orlando owner Rich DeVos and CEO Alex Martins look like buffoons for kowtowing to Howard so thoroughly only to still have him spit in their respective faces.

It's not worth it anymore, fellas. Cut the cord. Trade Dwight Howard ASAP and start over. 

It can't possibly be any worse than this nightmare of a season.