Tracy McGrady Video: Watch Washed-Up NBA Legend Star in Chinese Beer Commercial

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 23, 2012

So that's where we left Tracy McGrady

If you are looking for washed-up NBA players, they may be hiding out in China. Stephon Marbury took his ego to China and has made quite the name for himself over there. 

While T-Mac may not be an active player in the NBA, his star has never been bigger overseas. In fact, he still garners enough attention to actually sell beer. 

Yes, the Atlanta Hawks forward, who has been near a professional basketball flatline for a few years, managed to get a job selling stuff—only it's for a Chinese beer called Xuejin. 

The extra poundage around his midsection is now quite clear. 

Of course, the commercial is indecipherable to most of us, but we encourage those of you familiar with the language to go to the comments section and clue us in as to the specific script.

We do have some thoughts on what the cast might be saying:

Chinese Basketball Player: Look, it's the fat version of Tracy McGrady. He looks like Reginald VelJohnson from Family Matters

This is when T-Mac tries for a basketball stuck in the hoop and can't reach it. If you are looking for the most realistic part of the video, this is it. 

McGrady then, after a running start, grabs the ball. The pick-up game players then steal some beers in the kindest theft in the history of stealing another man's drinks. 

Tracy McGrady: Be sure to drink Xuejin and get super powers, allowing you to score 5.3 points per game in the NBA. 

McGrady then chucks the ball back into the rim, the second most realistic portion of the video. 

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