Thunder vs. Lakers: Mitch Kupchak Gets Clowned out of NBA Playoffs

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 22, 2012

Mitch Kupchak and the L.A. Lakers were clowned off the stage and it was brilliant. 

You can see that I have lost my mind if I am calling anything about last night brilliant. My Kobe Bryant replica was almost burned as a sacrifice to the basketball gods that had forsaken me. 

In the light of the day, there were some pretty damn hilarious moments from last night's coverage. 

Lakers fans need to laugh to keep from sobbing, and the best moment was the TNT close-up from hell. They panned into Mitch Kupchak as if to savor every last shred of misery from the Lakers general manager. 

For those unfortunate few, here is the video.

As you can see, there is reason to laugh uncontrollably no matter your team affiliation. I need to see this more in sports coverage. 

If you are going to put Jeff Van Gundy's grating opinions and Craig Sager's silly outfits on the air, you really need to go the extra mile to make every last second of a game more pleasurable on the eyes. 

I am a Lakers fan and I loved this push-in that lasted for several minutes. There was a point where I really thought I could see Kupchak shed a single tear. It may be just me, but I think you can see it if you really take a close look. 

The Lakers were blown out 106-90 and dismissed from the playoffs. But at least they were good for something on Monday night. 

The proud Lakers were good for a laugh.


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