Kobe Bryant and Tony Parker Featured in Newest Haircut Failures

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 15, 2012

Photo Credit: B/R Facebook Page
Photo Credit: B/R Facebook Page

The word fan comes from the root word fanatic, which means a person who loses all sense of reality when it comes to their home team. 

While some of that may be only slightly true, I have a few instances of fans going wild the minute they sit in the barber's chair. 

I presume the next couple of sports freaks sat down and said, "give me a one around the sides, blend it up and make me look like an idiot in the back."

Before you label me a hater, let me tell you that I love the art that went into these hair cuts. The barbers need to take a bow because they are some amazing examples of artistry. 

Now that I got that off my chest I can say that they look better on another's head than mine. Let's take a look at some ridiculous moments in barber history. 

Kobe Bryant Passes to Kwame Brown Face 

Photo Credit: B/R Facebook Page
Photo Credit: B/R Facebook Page

A man that really needs to feature in a new 30 for 30 documentary sat down in a chair and asked for the Kobe Bryant. 

He could have gone with a great many faces that would have been less scary than this creepy mess. I would have even liked to see the Black Mamba Face. At least that would have been hilarious. 

This just looks like the frustration that would come with playing alongside Smush Parker once again. 

Tony Parker's Blue Steel Look

Photo Credit: B/R Facebook Page
Photo Credit: B/R Facebook Page

This wasn't the first time a barber went HAM on a haircut. 

We saw this gem a few days ago and it features a Tony Parker that is trying his best to seduce me from the back of this guy's head. 

I just don't understand how you hop down from getting this etched into your dome and think, "I am gonna get so many chicks tonight."

I would find this silly on a pumpkin. Instead, it's on a real-life human being with the ability to make his own decisions. 

Forget about fearing for our future, the present is already pretty screwed. 

It could be worse though, you could make a permanent mistake like this guy did with his ESPN tattoo. The only thing good about that thing is that he didn't choose to go with Fox Sports across his face.

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