LA Clippers Tech Video: Watch Reggie Evans Called for High-Fiving Blake Griffin

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There are only a few things I hate in life more than NBA referees; last calls, reality TV and irresistibly delicious cupcakes. 

The latest piece of evidence that NBA refs are all going to sports hell occurred in Game 6 between the Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies. 

Right before the half, Reggie Evans goes up, draws contact and gets the foul. He was so filled with exuberance of getting a foul called that he looked for his buddy Blake Griffin and shared a Bromantic moment that we refer to as a high-five. 

While high-fiving may be a benign sight to most of us, it was beyond incendiary to referee Marc Davis who called a technical foul on Evans. 

The rest of the video is a hilarious collection of Griffin and Evans walking around the court like incredulous zombies. 

I have searched for answers on this call and have only found more people asking what Davis was thinking. 

When you consider the infamous Tim Duncan technical called by Joey Crawford for laughing, we assume Davis felt the high five was sarcastic. 

The fact that I can assume that and not feel ridiculous should tell you how awful things have become with NBA refs and the power they hold. 

Players aren't allowed to emote, over-exaggerate or, it seems, high-five anymore. 

NBA officials need to understand one thing. The game isn't about them, so they need to stop acting like it is by calling foolish calls that are far more about their ego than a violation being made. 

The NBA would be far better with less officiating, and it's the only sport about which I can say that with a straight face. 

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