NBA Free Agents 2012: 7 Players Teams Must Avoid This Summer

Zac Sweeney@@sweeney_zacContributor IIIMay 11, 2012

NBA Free Agents 2012: 7 Players Teams Must Avoid This Summer

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    With the majority of the NBA on the golf course, many front offices are looking towards next season along with who will be the newest member of their team. Since the draft can't fill every possible need for a team, coaches and management will be looking into free agents to make up for what the draft could not supply. 

    For every free-agency gem on the market, there are just as many black sheep that should not be considered on any roster. 

    Let if be because of an ego, injury, lack of production or criminal charges, some NBA free agents should be left on the market. 

    Here's a list of lepers from this year's NBA free agency pool.

Jeremy Lin

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    I'm not going to gain many supporters with this slide but, in my opinion, it's the truth. 

    New York Knicks free agent Jeremy Lin will be able to entertain offers from around the league this summer. I strongly advise club management to not do so, however. 

    Lin has played only a handful of games during his career in the NBA. During those handful of games was an even smaller handful of games where he played well, creating what everyone knows as "Linsanity."

    Lin showing he could play for a couple of games isn't enough to warrant a huge attraction in the free-agency market. He's a seventh or eighth man at best and he's coming off of an injury, an injury that should speak volumes about his NBA durability. If a player is getting injured after starting for only 25 games, I'd be worried about his continued success in the league. 

    On top of his limited play that resulted in a knee injury, Lin brings with him a Tim Tebow-like media hype. This cult media following that Lin carries around could prove to be very distracting to a team, especially if the team already has a few high-profile players. 

    Unless the team that signs him is incredibly hard-pressed for a point guard, teams should wait it out and see if "Linsanity" will return to the NBA or if it's officially died out. If Lin can prove that he can play well in every game, then my opinion of him will change. Until then, however, I will highly advise NBA franchises to leave Jeremy Lin along.

Gilbert Arenas

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    Arenas has had a bit of a rough recent history in the NBA, and he's currently hitting more rough patches with the Memphis Grizzlies. 

    This season, Arenas has played in only 17 games, zero of which he was a starter. He is averaging only one point per game, .3 blocks and .3 assists. 

    Arenas is also nursing a damaged ligament in a finger on his shooting hand, which has hampered his play even further. 

    With a season and history like Arenas', teams will have to have their backs up against the wall before they even think about extending an offer his way. 

Ray Allen

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    Ray Allen making this list is more out of respect than me not seeing any worth in him as a player. 

    Allen is one of the best players the NBA has seen in recent times and has a strong argument for the Hall of Fame. I just want Allen to leave the league in style instead of sticking around too long and tarnishing his excellent career. 

    Over the last couple of seasons, Allen hasn't been the point scorer of yesteryear. Since his last truly dominate year, the '06-'07 season in which he averaged 26.4 PPG, Allen's production has gone down consistently. This past regular season, he averaged only 14.2 points per game. This could be due to a number of things, but the point being is that he's not the Ray Allen he used to be. 

    Furthermore, Allen is contemplating having ankle surgery in the offseason. Being a 15-year veteran and having ankle surgery following his worst season since his rookie year doesn't exactly bode well for a brighter tomorrow. 

    NBA franchises should not facilitate tarnishing a great player's career by trying to press him for a few more seasons of his once legendary three-pointer. Let Allen get the ankle fixed and start thinking about calling it a career. 

Tracy McGrady

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    Tracy McGrady is the exact opposite of Ray Allen, in my opinion. He's played only one year less than Allen but does not hold nearly as high a regard. 

    He has a huge ego that is only being filled with his own thoughts of grandeur, because his 4.2 PPG and 2.80 BPG isn't what is inflating it. 

    He hasn't had a solid season since his days with the Houston Rockets back in '07-'08, but he still carries himself and talks the talk like he did in '02-'03 when he averaged 32.1 points per game. 

    He hasn't even started a game with the Atlanta Hawks yet and he's played in 52. 

    McGrady should really consider calling it quits before he causes himself any further embarrassment. NBA franchises would be foolish to pursue McGrady this summer but if they choose to do so, I can't see anything they see appealing in him.

Brian Scalabrine

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    When was the last time anybody said, "Wow, Scalabrine really pulled through for us right there!"? 

    Answer: never. Nobody has ever uttered those words before and if there was such a time, please let me know. 

    I really don't understand why he keeps getting contracts in the NBA. His best season came in '04-'05 when he was playing with the New Jersey Nets. That season he had 6.3 points per game, averaged 4.5 rebounds and averaged 1.6 assists. The worst part about this is that these numbers surpass his other years by a fair amount. 

    Other than being a cult icon in Boston, I don't really grasp what he brings to an NBA franchise. I don't see why any other franchise will want to extend a contract his way, nor should they.

Greg Oden

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    The former No. 1 pick was recently cut by the Portland Trail Blazers following yet another season-ending knee injury. 

    Oden has played only 82 games his entire career since being drafted in 2007 by Portland. He's had five knee injuries during his career, all serious. 

    He's never even played a complete season in the NBA. 

    I can't really say much about him because he doesn't have any recent numbers to reference or news other than him wanting to take an entire season off to rehab his knee...again. 

    NBA franchises should not even joke about extending Oden a contract. The NBA should be at a consensus by now that Oden has, in every aspect of the term, been a bust. He should just call it a career before his manages to injure himself any further and cost any more franchises money.