The MVP Beats King James

James LasaterContributor IJanuary 21, 2009


I watched the Monday night battle that was supposed to put "MVP" against "King James". What I saw was a dominate Team Leader, against a one dimensional player.

I saw Kobe do what he had to do to win the game weather through assist or individual points. I saw him shut down the "best" lane driver in the league and force him to take jump shots. That says to me that Kobe did what every athlete is taught in high school, he studied his opponent and exploited his weakness.

I am constantly amazed by Kobe's determination and toughness, and total selfless dedication to his team. Two minutes into the first quarter Kobe suffered a dislocated ring finger; during a 20-second timeout it was relocated and taped. Kobe did not miss a play. His shot did suffer but he still found another aspect of his very versatile game to keep his team competitive.

In the 4th quarter Kobe did what Kobe does, scoring 15 of his 20 points. Despite his injury, he was in LaBron's way throughout the entire game holding him to 23 points. Making him earn every one of them.

Waking up this morning all the "Experts" were still trying to make us believe that LeBron had a better game and he was the best player on the court. The only reason that the Lakers won was because Kobe had a better supporting cast. Making excuses for "King James" and the Cavaliers for the utter beating that they were subjected to by the Lakers.

My question is what defines an "MVP"?

Is it someone who can rack up the stat calculator? Someone who gets the bigger endorsements? The better commercials? Better shoe line?

Or is it someone that despite all odds leads his team to the victory? Someone who can change the game with one play? Someone who can inspire the players around him to believe that they are the best team in the NBA?

Does Kobe have a better supporting cast?


Does he make his team better?