Knicks Rumors: Baron Davis Attempted to Fight Jose Calderon After Loss

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Knicks Rumors: Baron Davis Attempted to Fight Jose Calderon After Loss
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Baron Davis didn’t play all that well in a New York Knicks loss to the Toronto Raptors on Friday, and he made things worse by allegedly trying to fight Jose Calderon in the tunnel after the contest.

According to Alex Raskin of, B-Diddy was looking to get revenge on the Raptors PG for an altercation late in the game:

Remember, the Air Canada Centre has a strange dynamic where both teams exit through the same tunnel. Apparently Davis and Calderon collided toward the end of the game and Davis apparently felt that Calderon tried to grab him around the head, so he was waiting for the Raptors point guard in the tunnel after the game. However, Tyson Chandler held Davis back, preventing him from getting into any trouble with the league... Give the big man an assist.

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For starters, whoever designed the Air Canda Centre made a huge mistake by designing it so both teams exit through the same tunnel from their lockers. Who knows how many near-fights have happened there that have not been reported.

Second, Davis is just crazy for trying to beat someone up after the game for something that happened during it, especially considering how minor of an incident it was.

In the video below, if you fast forward to about one minute remaining in the game, you can see the guards confront each other on the court and eventually the referee is forced to blow a foul on Davis to separate the two.

The fact that Baron felt it was necessary to continue the beef outside the locker room just proves he is immature and a sore loser.

He’s honestly lucky that Tyson Chandler was in the area to talk some sense and restrain him from doing anything stupid beyond acting like a tough guy.

This incident could have gotten much worse and Davis needs to stop these “confrontations” before he gets hurt. 

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