NBA Rumors: Grant Hill and 5 Players Who Could Be in Their Last Season

Bradlee Ross@rossbeCorrespondent IIMarch 26, 2012

NBA Rumors: Grant Hill and 5 Players Who Could Be in Their Last Season

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    At some point, the time comes for every NBA player's career to end. Grant Hill is one of those players who appears to be nearing that ride into the sunset.

    How Hill's career will end appears to be up to him. According to Fox Sports, the 39-year-old forward believes he can still contribute to a team for one, maybe even two, years.

    But Hill isn't the only NBA player who appears to be nearing his career's twilight. In fact, here are five other players whose play we probably won't be able to enjoy for much longer either.

5. Kurt Thomas

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    As the oldest player in the NBA, Kurt Thomas has to be the in the conversation for players that could retire. He's 39 years old right now and exactly one day older than Grant Hill.

    Thomas has played for nine different NBA teams since he was drafted by the Miami Heat in 1995. He's still solid role player though, so I wouldn't expect him to retire. Especially since he is on a team like Portland, who won't do anything special.

4. Steve Nash

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    Another Phoenix Sun, Steve Nash turned 38 in February, but don't tell him that.

    Nash is averaging 13 points and 11 assists per game, clearly advertising that he's found the fountain of youth somewhere and isn't sharing with anyone else. The veteran point guard is the sole reason the Suns have any shot of making the playoffs.

    Nash is an individual, who is unfazed by what others think about his play or what he should do. Despite the general consensus being that he should leave Phoenix for a contender, Nash has stated that he wants to remain with the Suns. The same could be true of retiring, and Nash may decide to leave the game even though he can still play at a high level.

3. Nazr Mohammed

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    Thirteen-year veteran Nazr Mohammed has been a great leader off the court for the Oklahoma City Thunder this season.

    Playing on his seventh team, Mohammed has a championship ring and provides solid defensive post play off the bench. He's 34 years old this season, and he could very easily retire if he wins another championship with the Thunder this season.

2. Juwan Howard

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    The days of the Fab Five was long ago.

    Former Michigan freshman-phenom Juwan Howard is now playing with the Miami Heat, his eighth team, at age 39. He doesn't play much at all for the Heat, but he does provide insurance in the frontcourt.

    If the Heat can break through this season and win a title, one can only assume that Howard would probably retire. There isn't much more he can do at this point.

1. Jason Kidd

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    After 17 years in the NBA, Jason Kidd is pretty dang old. He finally won his first title last season with the Dallas Mavericks and is averaging career lows in both points and assists.

    Kidd seems to be very near the end of his career. He provides great leadership for a team, but he won't be able to provide much else for long. He may stick around, either with Dallas or somewhere else, but he won't ever be the player he once was.