NBA's Midseason Awards: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Chase RuttigCorrespondent IJanuary 15, 2009

Well It is this time of year again, it is midseason in the NBA's schedule and many writers on Bleacher Report have been asked to make awards articles. My Raptors Midseason Report and Awards Special is coming, but today I would like to give out my league wide review at the midseason point.

So here we go:


MVP: LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers

Well it is no surprise here, King James and his Cleveland Cavaliers hold the best record in the league and it is undoubtedly due to the elevation in LeBron's game. He is second in the league with 27 points per game and is giving ESPN a lot of material for its highlight reels this season.

This is the year in which King James has his MJ season and wills his team to the championship and gets his first of what I assume to be many rings.


Comeback Player: Dwayne Wade, Miami Heat

This is different from The Most Improved Award as I am considering only players that had disastrous seasons last year or spent a significant amount of time on the bench. D-Wade spent most of the 08 season on the bench recovering from surgery that kept him out to it was too late and his Heat missed out on the post-season.

Now with new confidence after a solid performance in Beijing, Wade has elevated his game back to elite status. He is tops in points with a staggering 29 a game and is third in the league in steals while putting the Heat back in playoff contention. It is no doubt that Wade is the comeback player of the first half.


Rookie of the Year: Derrick Rose, Chicago Bulls

This is a big debate as O.J. Mayo is doing great things in Memphis on a team I assume will be a contender in a couple of years, but Rose is doing as well on a much better Chicago roster that might just reach the playoffs this year.

Rose is returned to his hometown with high expectation and he has delivered in a big way. His playmaking is has exceeded all expectations and his speed off the dribble is just as amazing as it was in college.

He is the rookie of the year at midseason for sure, but it will be a hell of an award race from this point on.


Most Improved Player: Andrea Bargnani, Toronto Raptors

I know this may be a shocker as may analysts have been fawning over Devin Harris' breakout performance so far, but Bargnani's performance of late has been so amazing that he gets this award.

He has nine straight games with seventeen or more points and has really stepped it up during Jermaine O' Neal's absence. His shot selection has improved and he has finally got the "bust" label off his back. Bargnani is my most improved player of the year, and if you don't like it, shove it.


Defensive Player: Marcus Camby, Los Angeles Clippers

While he may be buried in the wasteland that is the Clippers, Camby is once again the best defender in the association, leading the league in rebounds and is second to only Dwight Howard in blocks he is one of the few bright spots in another bleak Clippers campaign.


Best Game: Spurs-Suns, Dec. 25, 2008

On Christmas Day one of the biggest rivalries of the decade had one of its better moments as they went toe-to-toe in a fast paced battle that went down to the last second as Roger Mason hit a dagger from the corner to end what was the best game in the NBA so far on the biggest day on the regular season schedule.


On-Court Story: The MVP Debate

While this year may have the most stacked line-up of candidates for the MVP trophy in recent memory as Kobe, Wade, LeBron. Chris Paul and maybe even Dwight Howard have strong cases for their status as Most Valuable Player in the NBA. These players are bringing their best night after night and us fans are being treated to some of the best basketball since the Bird-MJ-Magic years.


Off-Court Story: Anything With the Knicks

It seems the constant soap opera that is the New York Knickerbockers day to day operations has not changed since Isiah Thomas left. Stephon Marbury has not played since November and will likely sit out till the deadline while Eddy Curry wants you to "touch it" more than Busta Rhymes. Well at least the Knicks still have David Lee.


Team To Watch: Chicago Bulls

They have the best rookie in the league playing for his home town and are playing the most exciting basketball Chicago has seen since No. 23 was suiting up in the United Center. The Bulls may be making a run for the postseason, I suggest you start running with the Bulls (obvious pun).


Title Pick: Cavs-Lakers

That is how I saw the first half of the season tell me what you think as feedback is always appreciated.