12 NBA Players Who Will Never Live Up to Their Video Game Personas

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12 NBA Players Who Will Never Live Up to Their Video Game Personas
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If you've ever played NBA 2K12 with me, then you'll know I don't play the game the right way. Video game basketball is fundamentally different than real-life basketball in a multitude of ways.

I grew up being the tallest guy on the court most of the time that I played, even if it was just by an inch or two. I never played with any extremely tall people, save for one guy who was skinny as a rail that I was able to keep out of my lane pretty easily.

Because of that, I've always been a fundamentals guy and certainly never a flashy shooter.

If I had the size, skill and in-born athletic ability that the players in the NBA have today, I would argue that I'd be a pretty good player with the mentality that I approach the game with.

However, this style of play that I've grown up on translates terribly to video games. Because of my upbringing, I'll tend to plant myself in the lane with a big fellow (Marc Gasol is currently my favorite big man to use) and keep anyone from getting near the hoop. That works fine and I keep points in the paint to a minimum, but I get lambasted on jumpers.

I can't keep the presence of mind enough to guard a man up top and then switch down low before he beats me off the dribble, I'm just not wired to do it.

To this day, my biggest accomplishment in the world of video game basketball has been scoring 122 points with Arvydas Sabonis in NBA Live 1998, which should speak to how well my ability to play basketball games has aged as I have.

Because of the importance placed on shooters in video games, I lose, and I lose a lot. But that's given me a bit of a realization in comparing video game basketball to real-life basketball. Some guys can absolutely destroy teams in a video game, but when you see them on an NBA court, it's quite a bit different.

If a guy can hit the jump shot, then it's all up to the fellow with the controller in his hand. With ease, you can see a guy like Danny Granger go off for 60 points when he is hard pressed to get more than 30 on any given night.

Those guys are scattered throughout the NBA, but as I see it, there are 12 of them who are the biggest culprits.

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