Jeremy Lin: Which Team on Knicks Schedule Will Derail the Linsanity Hype Train?

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Jeremy Lin: Which Team on Knicks Schedule Will Derail the Linsanity Hype Train?
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Linsanity is getting a bit ridiculous.

I'm actually starting to believe that nobody in the NBA can stop, or even contain, Jeremy Lin.  Let's just take a minute and look at the point guards that Lin's gone up against, and dominated so far this season.

Lin's dominated guys like Deron Williams, John Wall, Devin Harris, Derek Fisher, Ricky Rubio, Jose Calderon and Tyreke Evans.

Jeremy Lin dominated that kind of competition with averages of 24.4 points, 9.1 assists and 4.0 rebounds per game, with a PER of plus 25.0.

No analysis or statistical comparison can show just how incredible Jeremy Lin's play has been over the past seven games, in which the New York Knicks have gone a perfect 7-0.

Lin's most recent game, against the Sacramento Kings, may have been his most telling of the season.

By leading the Knicks to a win, while scoring 10 points and accounting for 13 assists in just 26 minutes, Lin showed that he's more than capable of being the complete point guard the Knicks will need when they get All-Star Carmelo Anthony back in the starting lineup.

Taking all of that into consideration, we arrive at the main focus of this article, which is figuring out which NBA point guard, and team, will be able to derail the Linsanity hype train and stop the Knicks' absurd winning streak.

Up next on the Knicks' schedule is a matchup with the New Orleans Hornets (6-23).  The Hornets this season have struggled on nearly every side of the ball, and one of their glaring weak spots is their depth at the point guard position.

Which NBA team will turn off Super Lintendo and the Knicks?

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If the Hornets had starting point guard Jarrett Jack I'd give them a better chance of beating the Knicks, but without him (knee injury) there's really no chance of that happening.  If Deron Williams couldn't handle Jeremy Lin, I highly doubt Greivis Vasquez will.

After the Hornets, the Knicks face the Dallas Mavericks in MSG, for what will most likely be Lin's toughest challenge yet.  Lin will put his talents up against one of the toughest veteran point guards in the NBA—Jason Kidd.

Jeremy Lin will undoubtedly have a tough time against Kidd, but Lin's got one thing that Kidd doesn't, and that is youth.  Lin will lead the Knicks to their ninth straight win with a victory over the reigning NBA Champions, because he'll be able to outlast Jason Kidd and the Dallas Mavericks front court.

The next two matchups for the Linsanity hype train are home games in MSG against the New Jersey Nets and the Atlanta Hawks.  Lin already outplayed Deron Williams and the New Jersey Nets, and I don't see any reason why he and the Knicks won't be able to do it again.

The Atlanta Hawks on the other hand will provide Lin and the Knicks with a legitimate test, with the Knicks potentially getting caught looking ahead to their primetime matchup with the Miami Heatles.  Unfortunately the Hawks just don't match up well with the Knicks, specifically at the center and power forward position without Al Horford.

Realistically, if Linsanity can make it past the Dallas Mavericks there's no reason to believe that they can't maintain their winning streak all the way up until their matchup with the Miami Heat down in South Beach.

Once the Linsanity hype train pulls into the station in South Beach, it will have made it's final stop.  Jeremy Lin might be able to put up his average production of 23 points and 9 assists, but it won't mean that the Knicks will be able to easily knock off the Miami Heat, who are an impressive 12-2 at home.

As seen by the Knicks' underwhelming performance against the Heat just a few weeks ago, which resulted in a 98-89 loss for the Knicks, New York's roster just doesn't add up well with Miami.  The Heat have the clear advantage at nearly every position aside from the center and point guard position.

Miami will prove, again, that they are the team to beat in the Eastern Conference by being the first team to figure out how to turn off Super Lintendo, ultimately putting an end to the Knicks' ridiculous winning streak.

Who do you think will stop Linsanity, and bring the New York Knicks back to reality?  Let your thoughts known in the comment section below.          

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