Court Jester: Robin Ficker—Why We Watch, Episode 1

Why We WatchOfficial AccountFebruary 15, 2012

Why We Watch is Bleacher Report's new, short-form documentary series offering fans a closer look at the defining people, places and moments that shape our love and passion for sport. Each week, Why We Watch ventures behind the scenes in an effort to illuminate the sporting world far behind a typical headline.

From NBA super-heckler Robin Ficker to trailblazing female racecar driver Janet Guthrie, onetime women's boxing champion Christy Martin to the genesis of the Immaculate Reception, the series brings fans a unique perspective on the teams and sporting events that often go unreported—answering the question, Why We Watch.

Court Jester: Robin Ficker
Why We Watch, Episode 1

Bleacher Report commences its introspective documentary series Why We Watch featuring Robin Ficker—the most infamous heckler in NBA history and arguably all of sports.

Opposing teams not only faced a formidable Bullets side when on the road, but also faced the constant barrage of insults coming from Ficker's permanent position behind their bench.

No player was spared from Ficker's mockery—the likes of Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and Reggie Miller succumbed to the heckler's psychological warfare.

Fed up with his antics, the NBA created the "Ficker Rule," saying a fan could not interfere with communication between coach and player. In the process, Ficker was banished to the rafters, but quit attending NBA games before he met that fate.

Today, Ficker can be found lending his verbal talents and passion as a staunch supporter of the University of Maryland wrestling team, right back on the sidelines, where he belongs.

Ficker never once relied on alcohol or profanity for his tirades—instead, pure passion for the sport drove him, and that's Why We Watch.


Director/producer: Amir Ebrahimi
Editor: Mike Kattenberg
DP: Tim MatkoskyPA: Nate KeezerMaryland University 
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Robin Ficker

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