Jeremy Lin: NBA Linsanity Follows Tim Tebow's NFL Tebow Mania

Mike RaffoneCorrespondent IIFebruary 13, 2012

New York Knicks' Jeremy Lin
New York Knicks' Jeremy LinChris Chambers/Getty Images

Following this NFL season's all-consuming bout with Tebow-mania, no one in the world of sports—players, coaches or fans—could have seen anything resembling this totally unexpected spell of "Linsanity" coming. 

No one in the field of sports media—journalists, sportscasters or bloggers—could have predicted another Tim Tebow-like, or in this case,"Linsane" media frenzy surrounding an undrafted point guard from an academically elite university with an underwhelming basketball pedigree. 

No one with a prognosticating mind—mathematicians, psychics or Las Vegas oddsmakers—could have "Linvisioned" another Tim Tebow-type media circus that a recently graduated economics student, culturally stereotyped to be a future NBA statistician instead of basketball star, could cause by defying all odds relating to what he has spectacularly accomplished within the past ten days. 

No one, except Jeremy Lin. 

Whether you like it or not, Jeremy is now "Lin our faces" and seen on every sports media outlet on the planet. And deservedly so! 

Sports fans, basketball coaches and even opposing players can't get enough of this "Linspiring" feel-good story with all the sentimental sensationalism of a Rocky or Rudy movie, because Jeremy has overcome "Linsurmountable" obstacles to burnish his place in basketball history. 

The 23-year-old NY Knicks point guard is the first ever American-born Chinese or Taiwanese player in the NBA and has led his surging team to five straight victories despite playing without the Knicks' two biggest stars—Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire.

In his first four outings, Lin has scored 109 points, the most ever in history for an NBA player. Yes, not even Magic, Bird, Michael, Kobe or LeBron had matched Jeremy's "Lincomprehensible" feat in their rookie seasons. 

Lin's amazing emergence and soaring popularity are "Lincredible" when understanding how quickly Lin's lore has risen. Only two weeks ago this Harvard grad rode the NY Knicks bench in total anonymity, grateful that an NBA team had placed its confidence in him by rewarding him a spot on its roster.

Undrafted, Lin was waived twice within the past year by the Warriors and Rockets and relegated four times to the NBA's developmental league to hone his craft and become better game-tested. 

Lin's patience and work ethic have rewarded him handsomely with significant playing time for the Knicks as well as with his inexplicable rise to become last week's top trender on Twitter, averaging 26.8 points and seven assists in his first five games as a pro. 

However, the Harvard-educated point guard may have a "Linside" advantage when evaluating the suddenly positive economic impact his success has yielded.

Lin's No. 17 NY Knicks jersey is the NBA's top seller since February 4th. Lin's overnight popularity and the Knicks' sudden success have generated a 30-percent rise in ticket prices to some Knicks games. And Lin's astronomic social media popularity in both the USA and Far East is still too premature to calculate the "Lincalculable" financial bounty his newfound fame will "Linevitably" produce. 

Whether Jeremy Lin continues his amazing level of play on the court or sustains his popularity off the court, this Harvard alum will leave a lasting impression on sports fans everywhere. Lin's perseverence, scintillating play and, most importantly, his genuine humility in handing his "Linstant" overnight fame will not be quickly forgotten.   

Therefore, I say, let the "Linsanity" continue. 

Straight talk. No static. 

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