Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Why Jonny Flynn Would Resurrect His Career in L.A.

Eric HampfordContributor IIIFebruary 8, 2012

Los Angeles Lakers Rumors: Why Jonny Flynn Would Resurrect His Career in L.A.

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    As reported by ESPN's Chris Broussard earlier this week, the Los Angeles Lakers are interested in Houston Rockets point guard Jonny Flynn. As it seems right now, L.A. is in desperation mode in their current quest for an effective point guard.

    Derek Fisher is on the last legs of his career, and is no longer capable of being the kind of point guard sidekick that Kobe Bryant so desperately needs in the Lakers backcourt.

    To make matters worse, Steve Blake, Andrew Gouldelock, and Darius Morris each are only capable of helping the team while contributing bench minutes. 

    What the Lakers need is a future at the point guard position. They need a cornerstone, someone who they can rely on for the next several years to direct their powerful offense while contributing points when necessary. 

    Jonny Flynn could be a gift to the franchise if they can acquire him from the Houston Rockets, and here's why...

He Would Have Derek Fisher as a Mentor

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    Who better to show Flynn the nuances of the point guard position at the professional level than Derek Fisher? The 37 year old has fifteen years of playing experience in the NBA, and played a key role in five of L.A.'s world championships.

    Size wise, they are both hovering right around 6'0", so he can teach the young lead guard how to maximize his effectiveness on the floor without letting it hinder how he affects a game.

    Most importantly, he can teach the Syracuse product how to "win". Any young point guard in the NBA would love to have a mentor as successful as D-Fish.

    If Flynn is indeed brought to the Lakers franchise, Derek Fisher could prove to play a large part in the young star's evolution.

He Is Only 23 Years Old

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    It's sad that Flynn has already been labeled a "bust" in the league when he is such a young player. The 23-year-old is only in his third NBA season, and has yet to showcase his skill set for an entire season since his rookie year.

    Consider the impact he had for the Minnesota Timberwolves in his rookie campaign during the 2009-2010 season, when he played 81 games for the franchise. He averaged 13.5 points per game, along with 4.4 assists. Solid numbers for a rookie point guard, don't you think?

    Well, his second season was cut short by a hip injury that derailed his season, and people started writing off the young point guard.

    Now that he is back to being 100% healthy, there is no reason why he couldn't blossom into standout point guard in the NBA, he just needs to right system while playing for the right coach. 

He Would Be a Perfect Set-Up Man for Kobe Bryant

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    Although we have yet to see it, Flynn could be a perfect sidekick to a star shooting guard at the NBA level. With a player alongside him the caliber of Kobe Bryant, his game would absolutely flourish.

    Since his freshman season at Syracuse, he has been on teams which desperately needed him to be a scoring point guard instead of an offensive facilitator.

    If the Lakers bring him in, for the first time in his career, he wouldn't be feeling the burden of scoring more than running the offense.

    He could score at his own pace, which would mostly come in the form of transition points and open jump shots from teams focusing on stopping one of the greatest players the NBA has ever seen, in Kobe Bryant.

    It would do wonders for Flynn's game to be able to play a pressure-free game as a ball handler instead of a scorer, a role where he could prove to be very effective.

He Would Have the Talent Around Him to Shine

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    For the first time since his glorious playing days at Niagara Falls High School in New York, Flynn would have an abundance of talent surrounding him.

    With Kobe Bryant, Metta World Peace, Pau Gasol, and Andrew Bynum joining him in purple and gold, he would have no shortage of options to pass to.

    While Kobe Bryant would still be in control of the offense, he would undoubtedly help the young point guard direct the offense, and continually give him insight on the best way to help destroy the oppositions defensive tactics.

    Any point guard would love to have the supporting cast around him that the Los Angeles Lakers would afford Flynn, and if he gets an opportunity to come to L.A., he could make the Staples Center his personal playground. 

He Has the Tools to Become a Standout Point Guard in the NBA

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    When it comes down to it, Jonny Flynn has a world of potential that he is waiting to fulfill.

    His NBA career has been hampered by less than ideal situations and unfortunate injuries, but he is at a crossroads where a move to Los Angeles could turn it all around.

    He is a bit on the short side at only 6'0", but he has proven that he has the physical tools otherwise to overcome his short stature. He is an explosive athlete who can accelerate faster than many point guards at the NBA level, and can rise up and hammer down thunderous dunks when he gets the opportunity.

    If given the right opportunity to run an offense instead of being the focal point of an offense, he could begin to shine much like his teammate Kyle Lowry does for the Rockets.

    He's athletic enough to score, rack up assists, and even get sneaky rebounds in traffic. He also has the physical strength and quickness to be a solid on-ball defender in the league with practice and experience.

    He needs some fine tuning like most young guards do, but once he gets a grasp of how to play the point guard position at the pro level, he could prove to be one of the best steals for an NBA team in quite some time.