NBA Trade Talk: 10 Players to Bring the Los Angeles Lakers out of Their Funk

Matt Shetler@@buccos12Correspondent IJanuary 30, 2012

NBA Trade Talk: 10 Players to Bring the Los Angeles Lakers out of Their Funk

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    No one really thought the Los Angeles Lakers would be a 12-9 team this late in the NBA season.

    Even more disturbing is the fact that the Lakers offense is averaging only a mere 91.5 points per game.

    They have no point-guard play and can't shoot the ball, as they are shooting only 28 percent as a team from behind the arc.

    The Lakers need some upgrades and need them quickly.

    Here's a look at 10 guys who the Lakers could target to get themselves out of the season-long funk that they are in.

Devin Harris

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    Los Angeles needs point-guard play in the worst way, but it doesn't have to be a superstar.

    They just need an upgrade.

    Someone that can get them into their offense effectively and knock down a few open shots.

    Utah has made Harris available, and he would be a big upgrade for the Lakers.

Deron Williams

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    The Lakers are on Williams' short list of teams he would like to be dealt to if it came to that, and if the Lakers wanted to press hard to make a splash, Williams would be the guy to target.

Raja Bell

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    Bell is unhappy with his role in Utah and the veteran shooting guard would be a nice depth addition for the Lakers.

    He would instantly be better then anyone currently not producing on the Lakers bench, which includes everybody.

Chris Duhon

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    This would mean taking on a bad contract in Duhon, but he's shooting .467 from behind the arc and isn't a horrible point guard.

    It would likely cost them Matt Barnes' expiring contract and either a Darius Morris or Devin Ebanks, but the Lakers need some perimeter shooting badly, and it could be worth the risk.

Dwight Howard

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    They could always get back involved in the Howard sweepstakes, which would do nothing to fix their current problems, but it would give them the game's most dominant center for years to come.

Ben Gordon

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    If they want to target a guy that can shoot the rock and can come off the bench and provide some scoring punch, they could turn their attention to Gordon, who's scoring nearly 15 points per game and is knocking down close to 46 percent of his three-point attempts.

    The unlikely part is assuming the remaining three years of Gordon's contract, but it's doable if they got a third team involved that would give them a decent big guy in return for Pau Gasol as well.

    Again, unlikely, but if they could add Gordon and an expiring contract of a big man, it may be worth considering because the Lakers simply can't win with what they have now.

Paul Pierce

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    This was being rumored a few weeks ago and while it's not known what the Lakers would, or even could give up, Pierce would give them another scoring option.

    It's hard to imagine a situation where Pierce could end up in Los Angeles, but since we are just speculating here, he's someone that could help for sure.

Daniel Gibson

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    Gibson is a solid guard that can knock down the three-point shot and a guy that takes care of the basketball.

    He's exactly the type of guy that could help this team.

    Unfortunately, the Lakers don't have much that would interest the Cavs to make the trade work out financially, so they would have to get a third team involved.

Ramon Sessions

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    These next two scenarios also would require a third team due to the fact that the Lakers don't have many trade chips except Gasol and Andrew Bynum, and the Lakers aren't going to part with either for a point guard that's not a superstar.

    Sessions though, is a very good point guard and he's seen his role reduced with the emergence of Kyrie Irving.

    He would fit in nicely in the Lakers lineup.

D.J. Augustin

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    The Bobcats are very bad so they might as well look to the future, and that future is Kemba Walker at the point.

    That would make Augustin expendable and again, Mitch Kupchak would have to get creative, but Augustin can step in and immediately help.