Phoenix Suns: Trade Scenarios That Should Be Looked into

Jackson DuContributor IIIJanuary 10, 2012

Phoenix Suns: Trade Scenarios That Should Be Looked into

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    The Phoenix Suns had a rough start to the 2011 NBA season.

    It was mostly expected.

    Phoenix is a team composed of aging veterans and mediocre role players. When your best two players are over 37 years old, the future won't be too bright.

    The Suns need to make some big moves before the trade deadline. But, it will be difficult because the Suns will have to give up the present in order to build for the future.  

    Nevertheless, here are some trade scenarios that would benefit the Phoenix Suns.

Nash Heads to Minnesota

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    Suns Get: Derrick Williams, Anthony Randolph, J.J. Barea

    Timberwolves Get: Steve Nash, Robin Lopez

    There were talks prior to this season's draft that the Suns might trade Nash to Minnesota for the second overall pick.

    That didn't happen.

    But if the Wolves throw in Randolph and Barea, there can be a serious chance of this trade going through.

    Minnesota will get a future Hall-of-Fame point guard who will be happy to mentor Ricky Rubio. Robin Lopez will give the Wolves low post defense and allow Kevin Love to play at his natural power forward position. And with Nash, the Timberwolves might even make the playoffs as a fifth or sixth seed.

    It will be painful for the Suns to give up Nash, but they would get three young talents in return.

    J.J. Barea can be a serviceable point guard, and Anthony Randolph has yet to reach his ceiling. The key piece though, is Derrick Williams. The former Arizona Wildcat can develop into an Amare Stoudemire type player for the Suns. 

Lopez, Childress to Philly for Young

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    Suns Get: Thaddeus Young

    76ers Get: Robin Lopez, Josh Childress, Future Draft Pick

    The 76ers really need a center.

    Spencer Hawes is not someone to count on, and they just traded Marreese Speights. Lopez can help the 76ers fill that hole in the middle, and contribute with his rebounding and shot-blocking skills. Childress is a less talented version of Andre Iguodala, and he can also contribute with his versatility. 

    The Suns get to dump Childress' contract in this trade. And with Gortat at center, Lopez is expendable.

    Young is a very athletic combo forward, and he will remind the Suns of Shawn Marion. Phoenix really needs an injection of youth and athleticism, and Young will provide just that. 

Grant Hill Goes to Hollywood

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    Suns Get: Caron Butler, Eric Bledsoe

    Clippers Get: Grant Hill, Shannon Brown

    The Clippers will acquire an all-around defensive player in Grant Hill, who can also score if needed. Shannon Brown will make the Clippers even more athletic.

    Just imagine dunk after dunk from Griffin, Jordan and Brown—ticket sales would skyrocket!

    The Suns get younger in this trade. Butler is a scorer who can deliver 15-20 points per game, and his rebounding ability is also a plus for the Suns. Eric Bledsoe can develop under Steve Nash and run the Suns' offense one day. 

    The biggest winner in this trade is actually Grant Hill, who will be part of a championship-contenting team.

    At 39 years of age and without a ring, Hill can finally have a shot with the super talented Clippers.

Nash Reunites with Dirk

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    Suns Get: Jason Kidd, Lamar Odom

    Mavericks Get: Steve Nash, Robin Lopez

    Mark Cuban can finally have his point guard back.

    Putting Nash and Nowitzki together will make the Mavericks a lethal offensive team. Since they played together before, they will redevelop that chemistry in no time. And Robin Lopez can anchor the defensive low post like Tyson Chandler use to do. 

    Lamar Odom is a very well-rounded player. He will be given a larger roll in Phoenix and play starter minutes. He is obviously not happy in Dallas, so maybe a change of scenario can help him get his game back on.

    Acquiring Kidd is a financial move. Kidd's contract expires after this season, giving the Suns some cap space flexibility.  

Nash Chases Title with the Heat

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    Suns Get: Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers

    Heat Get: Steve Nash, Channing Frye, future draft pick

    This trade is more probable than you might think.

    Bosh is the most expendable of the Big Three. Behind him is Udonis Haslem, who is pretty much a less athletic, more defensive and better rebounding version of Bosh.

    The Heat's main weakness is at point guard. Nash can slip right into the facilitator role and create easy opportunities for Wade and James. Channing Frye can stretch the floor with his long-range shooting and provide some rebounding and defense. 

    The Suns get an All-Star caliber player in Bosh. He and Gortat will make one of the most efficient front courts in the league. Those two will be the future in Phoenix, both only 27 years old.

    Mario Chalmers is a cheap option at point guard. He is a good defender and a decent shooter—a bargain at $2.5 million.

    No one would blame Nash for joining the most disliked team in the NBA that is the Heat. Nash deserves a ring, and this trade will give him just that.