2011 NFL Frauds: 50 Teams, Coaches and Players We Don't Believe In

Tony Santorsa@@TonySantorsaSenior Writer IIAugust 16, 2011

2011 NFL Frauds: 50 Teams, Coaches and Players We Don't Believe In

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    Do you ever have the feeling that you simply do not believe in your favorite team, coach or player? Don't worry, it's okay—you're still a fan. 

    There are plenty of teams, players and coaches across the NFL that I don't believe in, and I'm sorry that you will agree as well. In fact, there isn't just plenty, I have come up with 50 of them! That's right—there are 50 frauds across the league. 

    Here are 50 teams, coaches and players we don't believe in.


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Jack Del Rio

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    How does Jack Del Rio still have a job?

    I am sure that most of us are wondering that.

    Del Rio has an extremely mediocre 65-63 career regular season while posting a 1-2 playoff record. 

    It's almost like Jacksonville's ownership doesn't want to spend any money on a new head coach, which explains why Del Rio is still around. 

Randy Moss

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    I know, I know, Randy Moss is retired—but he's still a fraud.

    Moss may put up stellar regular season stats, but when it comes playoff time, he rolls into the fetal position. 

    For an example, during the 2007 playoffs with the New England Patriots, Moss played in three games and only caught seven passes for just one touchdown—five of those passes coming in just one game. 

Jay Cutler

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    Now, Jay Cutler is a boarder-line fraud—but he still is.

    Cutler has all the talent in the world but still finds ways to simply crap the bed. At this point of his career, he should be an elite quarterback but he's just a mediocre one. 

Eric Mangini

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    Thank God that Eric Mangini is no longer a head coach in the NFL—he's nothing but a fraud.

    Does Mangini's career 33-47 record impress you? I hope not. 

San Diego Chargers

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    You can probably label every single play and coach to be a San Diego Charger a fraud—the team has yet to win a Super Bowl despite multiple regular seasons of domination. 

LaDainian Tomlinson

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    LaDainian Tomlinson was once the league's best running back, but at this point of his career, he's nothing but average.

    In fact, despite LT's dominance in the regular season, he has never performed well in the postseason. 

John Fox

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    Was John Fox ever a good head coach? I mean, his career 73-71 record is average at best. 

Wade Phillips

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    Why was Wade Phillips ever hired to be a head coach? Granted, he's one of the best defensive minds in the game, but he should not be a head coach—hence why the Houston Texans have hired him to be their defensive coordinator.

    Phillips has a career regular season record of 67-45, which is decent, but when it's playoff time, his teams have gone 1-5.

Rex Grossman

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    Why are the Washington Redskins planning to start Rex Grossman as their starting quarterback? He's awful. Just look at his career 40 touchdowns and equal amount of interceptions. 

John Beck

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    Just like Rex Grossman, why is John Beck even being considered to be a starting quarterback? I'm sorry, but for a lack of a better term, he sucks. 

    He hasn't played a game since 2007! That should raise a few red flags. 

Brandon Meriweather

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    Despite being selected to two Pro Bowls, Brandon Meriweather is just an average safety in the NFL.

    Meriweather is loaded with talent but has yet to apply it to his full potential on the field. 

David Garrard

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    David Garrard is just an average quarterback. He's good enough to win you regular season games but he will not get you deep into the playoffs—sorry, Jags fans. 

Cam Newton

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    I know, this is simply just a prediction, but it's a bold one. 

    Cam Newton is going to be a bust as I believe that he's nothing but a fraud. Newton will be nothing but a product of the spread offense from the college level.

Albert Haynesworth

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    What has Albert Haynesworth actually done in his NFL career? Seriously? 

    He's only played one full NFL season and has been a major liability throughout the majority of his career. 

Tony Dungy

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    I hope that Tony Dungy never returns to the NFL to be a head coach—he's a fraud and a choke artist. 

    Sure, Dungy has an amazing regular season career record of 139-69, but he's just 9-10 in the playoffs.

    Did you know that a team that Dungy coached the year before has gone to the Super Bowl with a different coach twice? Yep—the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the 2009 Indianapolis Colts. 

Mark Sanchez

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    Is it just me, or does a career 54.4 completion percentage not impress? 

    Mark Sanchez is a fraud, end of discussion. 

Matt Forte

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    How good is Matt Forte? Is he good enough to be demanding a new contract? I don't think so.

    Forte may be a touchdown machine, but averages only four yards-per-carry—nothing special. 

Alex Smith

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    When you're selected first overall, then it's expected that you're going to succeed—but Alex Smith hasn't come close. 

    Smith has a career 72.1 quarterback rating. 

Philip Rivers

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    Yes, Philip Rivers is a fraud, believe it.

    Rivers has a career 55-25 regular season record but has done absolutely nothing in the playoffs. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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    How is Ryan Fitzpatrick a starting quarterback in the NFL? He's nothing but a backup quarterback. But, I guess that's how bad the Buffalo Bills are. 

Reggie Bush

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    Reggie Bush is nothing but a complete fraud and a bust. 

    Bush was selected second overall in the 2006 draft and has been extremely inconsistent and hasn't been able to stay on the field on a regular basis. 

Steve Slaton

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    After Steve Slaton's amazing 1,282-yard rookie season, he has done didley-squat—he's just fallen off of the map.  

C.J. Spiller

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    C.J. Spiller has so much talent and potential, but amounted to absolutely nothing during his first year in the league. The jury is still out on Spiller. 

Chad Henne

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    Chad Henne could very well have the biggest arm in the NFL but doesn't seem to apply his talent to the field. 

    Henne has a career 75.3 quarterback rating and has yet to solidify as the Miami Dolphins starting quarterback. 

Tony Romo

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    Tony Romo is an amazing quarterback, but let me rephrase that, he's an amazing regular season quarterback. Romo has been nothing but a choker in the playoffs. 

Derek Anderson

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    2010 proved that Derek Anderson is, without a doubt, a fraud. 

    Anderson posted an awful 65.9 quarterback rating with the Arizona Cardinals last season and is now the third-string quarterback with the Carolina Panthers. 

Jimmy Clausen

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    Jimmy Clausen may have been only a rookie last season, but he was awful, despite the hype surrounding him coming out of college. 

    Clausen tossed only three touchdowns in 2010 to go along with his nine interceptions. 

Andy Reid

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    Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid has had his fair share of success during the regular season but has yet to win a Super Bowl.

    Reid has a career 118-73-1 record in the regular season and just a 10-9 record in the playoffs. 

Pete Carroll

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    Pete Carroll should not be in the NFL—he's the perfect college coach but not so great of an NFL coach. 

    Carroll has a career 40-40 record in the NFL, which is far worse than his major success at USC. 

Matt Hasselbeck

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    Matt Hasselbeck may have won a few games in Seattle, but he was never able to take his team deep into the playoffs and win it all. 

    Hasselbeck is now competing with rookie Jake Locker to be the Tennessee Titans starting quarterback. 

Mike Shanahan

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    Yes, I know, Mike Shanahan is a two-time Super Bowl winning head coach, but let me ask you this: what has he done outside of John Elway? That's what I thought. 

Roy Williams

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    The Dallas Cowboys really swung and missed when they traded for Roy Williams as he only caught 94 passes in two-and-a-half seasons with Dallas. 

    Williams will try to turn around his career now that he's a member of the Chicago Bears. 

Chicago Bears

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    Forget what I said in the previous slide, Roy Williams will likely not have a shot at turning around his career, as he's now a member of the frauds of Chicago, the Bears. 

    How many former head coaches are on Chicago's staff? Mike Martz, Rod Marinelli and Mike Tice—there's got to be a reason why none of them are head coaches in the league anymore. 

Lovie Smith

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    Continuing on with the knocks against the Chicago Bears, Lovie Smith is not fit for a head coach in the NFL. 

    Smith may have a career regular season record of 63-49, but has been awful in the postseason. 

Josh McDaniels

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    Josh McDaniels is right where he belongs, as an offensive coordinator with the St. Louis Rams.

    McDaniels' time as head coach of the Denver Broncos was disastrous as he posted an 11-17 record. 

Braylon Edwards

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    Braylon Edwards may not believe it, and some of you may not either, but he is a complete fraud. 

    Edwards has stones for hands and is good for two or three drops per game. 

Matt Leinart

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    At this point of his career, Matt Leinart is a big-time bust—he's not even a starting quarterback!

    Leinart absolutely sucked with the Arizona Cardinals while posting a 70.8 quarterback rating and winning seven out of his 17 games started—he is now the backup quarterback in Houston. 

Tarvaris Jackson

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    Tarvaris Jackson is projected to be the starting quarterback for the Seahawks, but he's definitely not starting-quarterback material.

    Jackson has a career 58.7 completion percentage with a 10-10 record as as starter. How can you even consider him to be a starter? 

Jim Caldwell

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    Is it just me, or could the Colts put a cardboard cutout of Jim Caldwell on the sidelines and no one would know the difference? I know that I couldn't!

    Caldwell is nothing but a sock puppet and a fraud. I feel bad for Colts fans, as their time with Peyton Manning is limited and Caldwell could be blocking their chances of a Super Bowl. 

Eli Manning

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    I'm sorry, but when you throw 25 interceptions in a season, you should not be considered a great NFL quarterback.

    Eli Manning is a fraud. 

Seattle Seahawks

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    The Seattle Seahawks are reigning NFC West champions, but is that something to be proud of? The Seahawks became the first team in the Super Bowl era to make the playoffs with a losing record of 7-9.

    Now that's something not to be proud of. 

Houston Texans

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    Year in and year out, the Houston Texans are always expected to make the playoffs, but have yet to.

    With so much talent on the team's roster, will 2011 be the year that the Texans finally make it over the hump? 

Gary Kubiak

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    How does Gary Kubiak still have a job? He's had extremely talented teams over the past few years with Houston, but has yet to make the playoffs.

    His career record of 37-43 isn't too appealing to me, how about you? 

Terrell Owens

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    Terrell Owens is definitely one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, but what has he done in the playoffs?

    I realize that football is a team sport, but someone with the caliber like T.O. should be able to carry his team a little bit more than he has. 

Cincinnati Bengals

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    Entering 2011, the Cincinnati Bengals look like a Triple-A baseball team. They're going to be big-time frauds this year; absolute jokes. 

Andy Dalton

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    Poor, Andy Dalton—he's going to be a fraud in 2011. 

    The rookie out of TCU is going to be pretty much thrown to the wolves in Cincinnati this year, as he'll likely end up being the starting quarterback for the Bengals. 

Mike Brown

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    How does Mike Brown own the Cincinnati Bengals? I feel like that he knows absolutely nothing about football. 

New York Jets

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    There is always so much hype around the New York Jets, but what have they done? All I know is that Rex Ryan has been predicting a Super Bowl for the past couple of years but has choked in back-to-back AFC Championships. 

Shawne Merriman

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    It's a fact: Shawne Merriman was a steroid user, which makes him a complete fraud and a cheater. 

Chris Johnson

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    Is Chris Johnson really the best running back in the NFL? I don't think so. 

    There is no reason why CJ is holding out and demanding a new deal. 

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