NFL Week 2 Power Rankings: Jets Stumble, Texans Climb

Mike Gliddon@mikegliddonCorrespondent ISeptember 14, 2010

Drew Brees and the Saints are atop this weeks Power Rankings
Drew Brees and the Saints are atop this weeks Power RankingsChris Graythen/Getty Images

The NFL can't be judged solely on one game. But some teams are deserving of a bump in the Power Rankings after a great performance. Here are the Power Rankings for Week 2:

1. New Orleans Saints  (1-0) The Saints found a way to beat the Vikings despite not putting up 30+ points. The defense looked pretty good and the offense will be clicking in no time. They stay at No. 1 until they give us a reason to knock them off.

2. Baltimore Ravens (1-0) Ray Lewis and the Ravens' defense backed up the talk and sent Rex Ryan's Jets packing. Joe Flacco has a number of receivers at his disposal this year and Anquan Boldin looked good in his first game.

3. New England Patriots (1-0) Despite the Randy Moss controversy, this team was firing on all cylinders in Week 1. They scored basically every way imaginable and made a Bengals team who is supposed to compete in the tough AFC North look inferior. Seeing Wes Welker come back and play that well after his injury last year is an inspiring story as well.

4. Indianapolis Colts (0-1) It was only a matter of time before the Texans got the best of the Colts. Peyton looked phenomenal but if Bob Sanders is out for an extended period of time the defense will struggle. They can't give up 200+ rushing yards again. Can they?

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-0) Even without suspended quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and casted off Super Bowl hero Santonio Holmes, the Steelers found a way to come out with a win. The defense looks as good as ever with All-Pro safety Troy Polamalu back. If they can come out of these first four games with a 3-1 mark, they will be sitting pretty for B-Roth's return.


6. New York Jets (0-1) The defense played well enough to keep them in the game, but Mark Sanchez looked bad in the opener on Monday Night Football. Defense wins championships, which is what they are striving for, but you need to actually score to win games.

7. Green Bay Packers (1-0) The Pack looked good for the first half of the game, but as soon as Mike Vick came in they couldn't contain him. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt because of a lack of game planning for Vick, but Aaron Rodgers has to perform. Also, how will the Ryan Grant injury affect the run game?

8. Minnesota Vikings (0-1) Brett Favre is back for yet another season. He looked a little rusty in his debut. Thank heavens this team has Adrian Peterson to take some of the heat off the old man. With the prolonged wait for Sidney Rice's availability, and the unknown regarding whether Percy Harvin can go every week or not at 100 percent will hinder this team's chances.

9. New York Giants (1-0) The defense looked rejuvenated and Eli looked really good in the opening of New Meadowlands Stadium. Some sloppy play by the receivers led to three ill-advised interceptions. If this team can avoid those turnovers they may go deep into the postseason again. A big test looms this week against the Colts.

10. Dallas Cowboys (0-1) Everyone is still wondering what the hell happened on that last play before the half. If Romo just throws that ball away Dallas probably would have come out on top. But there is no excuses. Still, the Boys' are one play and a holding call away from being 1-0.


11. San Diego Chargers (0-1) The Chiefs came in with a game plan to play good defense and it worked. The Super Chargers didn't look so super in their opener. One good thing to come out of this game is that Ryan Mathews played well in his rookie debut. One question mark: Will this team miss Vincent Jackson down the road if he doesn't end his holdout?

12. Houston Texans (1-0) Is this finally the year for the Houston Texans? The year they overtake the Colts and come out with a playoff berth or maybe a division crown? Let's not go that far yet, but they are off to a good start. Arian Foster appears to be the running back they have needed for so long.

13. Miami Dolphins (1-0) A win is a win in the NFL. It wasn't pretty, but they got it done against Buffalo. Brandon Marshall demands a lot of attention and that may open up the Wildcat for Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams even more.

14. Cincinnati Bengals (0-1) There is no shame in losing to a Bill Belichick-coached Patriots team. The Bengals fought back in the second half and managed to only lose by 14. Palmer looked pretty good throwing the ball evenly to his duo of diva receivers. This team can't have many more defensive performances like that, however.

15. Atlanta Falcons (0-1) The Falcons struggled to get anything going against the Steelers on Sunday. Michael Turner was stuffed on nearly every run. Tony Gonzalez reached 1,000 career receptions, which was the best thing to come out of this game for the Dirty Birds.


16. Washington Redskins (1-0) Donovan McNabb may be what this team has been looking for all along. McNabb made Santana Moss look like a viable option and the defense played stout against an overpowering Dallas offense.

17. Philadelphia Eagles (0-1) It's really amazing how different a team looks when they have a quarterback who can maneuver in the pocket and run if necessary. The Eagles went from having clipped wings with Kevin Kolb to flying high with Michael Vick. Competition is good, some say, but a quarterback controversy after Week 1 is not.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-0) The Jags held on to beat the Broncos to open up the season. This team is built around Maurice Jones-Drew and teams know it. If David Garrard can play efficiently like that every game we may be talking about a team on the rise.

19. Tennessee Titans (1-0) Chris Johnson is making a statement early that he wants another 2,000-yard season. He now has 12 straight 100-yard rushing games. He faces a tough test against the Steelers next week.

20. San Francisco 49ers (0-1) Who saw that coming? The Niners were manhandled by the Seahawks and first year coach Pete Carroll. Alex Smith looked awful and Frank Gore was held to 38 yards on 17 carries. You know Mike Singletary was not pleased with this performance.

21. Carolina Panthers (0-1) This is a team that relies on the run perhaps more than any other team. They struggled with running the ball and Matt Moore is not a guy you want trying to lead your team. Three terrible passes that were intercepted in the end zone led to this loss. Is it time for Jimmy Clausen already? 

22. Denver Broncos (0-1) The Broncos had a chance to tie late in the game but an ill-advised pass from Kyle Orton ended that chance. Tim Tebow made his less-than- stellar debut with two rushing yards on two attempts. How much will this team miss Brandon Marshall is the biggest question at this point.

23. Chicago Bears (1-0) It took the most debated call of the week for the Bears to come out on top over the Lions. According to the rule the call was right, but in everyone's head it was wrong. Matt Forte did look good catching the ball. He will be the focal point of this offense, but how well will Jay Cutler take care of the ball?

24. Arizona Cardinals (1-0) The cards looked surprisingly good without starting running back Beanie Wells, retired quarterback Kurt Warner, traded receiver Anquan Boldin and casted off defensive stars Karlos Dansby and Antrel Rolle. Is it a bad thing that people are still talking about players who aren't there anymore?

25. Oakland Raiders (0-1) The Raiders are gradually getting better, but this game was a step back. The run game looked good and Jason Campbell is a definite upgrade over JaMarcus Russell but the defense can't allow 200 yards rushing. Even if it is Chris Johnson.

26. Detroit Lions (0-1) Like I said earlier, the call that was made was right. Calvin Johnson needs to hold on to that ball for one more second and we are talking about the Lions being 1-0. Matthew Stafford is going to be out for a couple weeks at least with his shoulder injury. How will Shaun Hill do in his place?

27. Seattle Seahawks (1-0) What a way to start off the year for the Seahawks. They take down division rival San Fran. Wait. They dismantled the Niners. I don't know what Pete Carroll is doing with this team, but Seattle fans have to like it.

28. Kansas City Chiefs (1-0) Jamal Charles looks like the real deal after Week 1. Matt Cassel will have to improve, but you can't throw out too many negatives after a win over San Diego.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0)  Tampa Bay has an underrated defense and Josh Freeman reminds me of a young Michael Vick. Once again, a Week 1 win can't be complained about.

30. Cleveland Browns (0-1) Jake Delhomme is not the answer at quarterback for Cleveland. Is Josh Cribbs? No, but it's fun to think about. The Browns had success running the ball. Jerome Harrison needs to keep being fed the ball.

31. Buffalo Bills (0-1) Buffalo has a solid defense that will take them about as far as they can go. With three backs like they have, there is no excuse to throw the ball 34 times with Trent Edwards.

32. St. Louis Rams (0-1) The Sam Bradford era went off with a bang. Bradford attempted 55 passes, completing 32 of them. No matter how good this kid is, teams in the NFL aren't going to win a game throwing 55 times.