B/R MLB 500: A Video Introduction

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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the B/R MLB 500!

The video will answer key questions about the project, but anyone who remembers Matt Miller's NFL 1,000 series will understand the general concept.

Over the next few weeks, we're going to be taking stock of the best and the brightest that Major League Baseball has to offer. We're going to go position by position, scoring players according to several different categories, and we'll eventually put all players in one big list of 500.

As with the NFL 1,000 series, the MLB 500 is concerned much more with current events than with history. What's happened in the 2013 season is what counts the most, as the whole idea is to line players up for a theoretical team for the 2014 season—one with an abnormally large roster, of course.

The publication schedule is as follows (with links to available content included). 

Topic Publication Date
 Top 35 1st Basemen  Thursday, 9/5
 Top 35 2nd Basemen  Friday, 9/6
 Top 35 Shortstops  Monday, 9/9
 Top 35 3rd Basemen  Tuesday, 9/10
 Top 150 Starting Pitchers  Wednesday, 9/11
 Top 35 Catchers  Thursday, 9/12
 Top 70 Corner Outfielders   Friday, 9/13
 Top 40 Center Fielders  Monday, 9/16
 Top 10 Designated Hitters  Tuesday, 9/17
 Top 55 Relief Pitchers  Wednesday, 9/18
 The B/R MLB 500  Thursday, 9/19

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