B/R MLB 500: Top 500 Players for 2014

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B/R MLB 500: Top 500 Players for 2014
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Over the past couple of weeks, the B/R MLB 500 series has taken stock of the top players at each position with an eye on the 2014 season, scoring the particulars in several different categories.

With the individual positions all in the bag, it's now time for the big one.

We took the 500 players we scored and put them all in one basket. They were subsequently ordered from 500 to one, and now they're in a slideshow.

Before you run away screaming at the thought of sifting through a book-length slideshow, don't worry. There are only individual slides for the top 100 players, with everyone between 101 and 500 arranged in the other slides in groups of 50.

Another thing to know is this: A lot of players ended up with the same scores (e.g. close to 30 players ended up getting scores of 60). Our protocol in the event of ties in the positional rankings was to give the edge to the player we'd rather have, and we stuck with the same protocol with the top 500.

As for the prospects, they were scored and analyzed by Bleacher Report prospect guru Mike Rosenbaum.

That's all there is to it. Start the show whenever you're ready.

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