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Mike Rosenbaum is Bleacher Report's MLB Prospects Lead Writer. He is a 2008 graduate of Grinnell College (Grinnell, Iowa), where he studied history and captained the baseball team. Mike is the founder and editor-in-chief of as well as a former scout and writer for Prep Baseball Report. He also does some prospect-related work for Rotoworld, providing rankings and analysis for their annual draft magazine and Season Pass service. Born and raised in Chicago, Mike is a White Sox fan who now resides in Tarrytown, New York.

Be sure to follow Mike on Twitter: @GoldenSombrero
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  • Justin Geisinger posted 198 days ago

    Justin Geisinger

    Great Article about the two lost pitchers of post seasons past. I am a Giants fan, so I feel I can speak on the Giants. I would caution on using "The Freak". I do believe that he has some good outings left in him, but this is what I have noticed since he went to the pen. When he gets to much rest, he is very rusty and gets tagged often, but if he is used regularly he is money. Look back at his previous pen outings this season. He has a bunch of rest in between outings, not so great, he pitches on short rest after a bad outing and he throws really well. The difference between this season and 2012, is that he was a starter all the way up to the playoffs and then was used regularly, this season since going to the pen, he has been used sparingly. In my opinion this equals a bad outing if we see Timmy. If he makes it into a game, I hope I am wrong.

  • Tom Dodd posted 204 days ago

    Tom Dodd

    This would be a good night to review your predictions for the Giants/Nats series. It's to your credit that you noted Hudson's success against the Nationals.

  • Matt Mateus posted 319 days ago

    Matt Mateus

    I know he's only getting his initial reps in AA, but do you think there is any chance Joey Gallo gets a call up to play for the Rangers this year? Only due to all their injuries that have occurred this season already.

  • Hunter Fitch posted 453 days ago

    Hunter Fitch

    Mike have you ever seen Arizona's Justin Williams? If so what are your thoughts on him?

  • Julian Bussells posted 474 days ago

    Julian Bussells

    To me it seems like the BBWAA is afraid to have someone voted into the MLB Hall of Fame with 100% of the vote. Mariano Rivera is no doubt a first ballot Hall of Famer, but he deserves to be on every ballot when the time comes. Rivera is by far the greatest relief pitcher of all time and it shows by his record 652 career saves, his microscopic 2.21 career ERA and countless other records. Not only is Mariano Rivera the greatest regular season relief pitcher of all time, he is also the greatest in the postseason. Rivera holds several postseason records including a 0.70 ERA and, ironically, 42 saves. The 13 time All Star and 5 time World Series champion also won the 1998 World Series MVP award to become only the 4th relief pitcher in history to do so. Not only is Mariano Rivera a great player, he is also a great person. Rivera was never in bad off the field news and when he did most of his playing in the steroid era, he was never linked to any banned substance. When the time does come when Mariano Rivera’s name appears on the Hall of Fame ballot, he should appear on every single one. Even though most likely some writer will make up a poor excuse to leave him off the ballot, much like Ken Gurnick did with Greg Maddux on this year’s ballot, Mariano Rivera deserves each and every one of those votes.

  • Kevin Byrne posted 602 days ago

    Kevin Byrne

    You're easily one of the top 10,000 writers of all time. But I'm not hearing much about Rock Shoulders these days...what gives?? Get it together, please.

  • Gary Allen posted 689 days ago

    Gary Allen

    Where do you see Tanner Murphy from Malden Mo ( HS) headed?
    He seems to have more power at the plate and lots more defensive upside than several of the
    "top 10 catcher" lists I have seen out there........any thoughts?

  • Riley Edwards posted 692 days ago

    Riley Edwards

    I hope you understand that you are the top bleacherreport writer.

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