All 32 NFL Teams as a Batman Character

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All 32 NFL Teams as a Batman Character

By far, the game of football, particularly in the NFL, is America's pastime. With so many colorful teams and personalities, the game has endeared itself to generations of fans as the most popular modern sport.

Who can blame Americans for loving a game filled with so many great characters and odds-defying feats?

Like most sports, the game is like a canvas by which many teams and athletic legends applied the right strokes to glorious legacies, careers painted in vibrant color, leaving behind a striking image that can't be duplicated by even the most poignant of portraits.

Every Sunday, fans watch in awe as the history of the league continues to build upon itself. Rooting for their teams, fully encapsulated watchers vicariously put themselves on the shoulders of powerful men, fighting for a cause that only the most loyal would fully understand.

In a manner of speaking, football is like a great story, filled with striking images and unfolding as a battle of good versus evil (depending on one's loyalties)... just like a comic book.

One of the most popular comic book characters is Batman, a.k.a. the Dark Knight. Like a football player, Bruce Wayne, a mere mortal man without superpowers, has developed his mind and body toward perfecting  his chosen craft. The mythology of DC Comics' most commercially successful character is filled with wonderful storylines and characters, just like America's favorite game.

While they may not end up in a gunfight (well, mostly...), NFL players work hard toward perfecting their craft. And, at the end of every Sunday game, fans have been treated to a whirlwind of action as captivating and colorful as the pages of comic.

In a change of pace from the normal NFL x's and o's, here are the NFL's 32 teams as Batman characters. 

Keep in mind as you read the random (and, mostly ridiculous) set of selections that this isn't meant to be taken too seriously.  It's a fun change of pace from my normal approach, and I hope that you get some enjoyment from this while maintaining your sanity!

Before allowing you to enjoy the list, it is my responsibility to inform everybody that the books, titles, characters, character names, slogans, logos and related are trademarks of and copyrighted by DC Comics.

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