NFL 2011-12 Preseason Predictions: Which Teams Are Bound for Super Bowl XLVI?

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NFL 2011-12 Preseason Predictions: Which Teams Are Bound for Super Bowl XLVI?

The NFL preseason promises many things: roster cuts, player development, untimely injuries, and conjecture.  As if powered by a psychic cap or holding clues seized during time travel, every fan has an opinion about how the upcoming season will play out.

I am included in those masses of football fanatics who lend their annual opinion regarding the upcoming campaign's final standings, foolish enough to think my rankings warrant any more weight than the pile of others.

With the tininess of my lone predictions against the masses in its proper perspective, the best way for me to save face with my first annual published predictions is obviously being correct.  It's a fool's errand; nobody is ever 100 percent correct without their own version of the DeLorean time machine.

If one desires to be wrong, they can fall fall flat on their face by failing to account for change.

Last summer, the Cowboys, Vikings, and Saints were the toast of experts, while the Chiefs were a lost cause.  It turns out, those former three squads were burnt and Kansas City was one of the lost treasures heading into 2010.

Do your picks boast 10 (or more) of 12 playoff teams from last year repeating this winter?  If so, start over.  It simply doesn't work that way. 

The NFL is a fluid league, and there is always change.  After all, NFL is an acronym that stands for No Freakin' Logic!

So, what is going to be different this season?  Where will fans be most surprised?

Predicting an upcoming season with any semblance of accuracy is an act of, well...  heroism. Or flat luck.  Actually, it's almost futile to try, but it can also be aptly described by another eff word: fun.

These past few weeks have been free agency concentrate, a more potent strain of the typical NFL offseason that has rapidly mutated our gridiron heroes, changing pirates into eagles and hawks into titans.

What fan base will be most pleased with these alterations?  Will Philadelphia be green with envy or fly higher than an eagle? 

Are the Packers on a journey toward a repeat championship, or will a shortened season leave faithful Lambeau loonies feeling cheesy?

Will the Men of Steel be the band of heroes that triumphs in the AFC North, or will ravenous Ravens evolve into Ben bludgeoning birds?

Tapping into my self-proclaimed and altogether fabricated skills of telepathy, I will delve into the upcoming season to predict the final standings, playoff results, and most importantly...

...the winner of Super Bowl XLVI!! 

With any luck, my selections won't be as embarrassing in February as they may seem in August.

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