Don't Pass On These True Value Players! 20 Players To Know This Year!

Chris TodishContributor IJuly 23, 2009

DETROIT - DECEMBER 21: Wide receiver Robert Meachem #17 of the New Orleans Saints scores a first quarter touchdown on a 20 yard run against the Detroit Lions on December 21, 2008 at Ford Field in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Twenty players to know going into this years NFL season!

1) Donald Brown

When Bill Polian drafts an offensive weapon in the first round, enough said. I like this kids character and work ethic, and I am sure the coaches will to. If Addai is hampered by nagging injuries this kid could be a stud.

2) Robert Meachem

Alot of people wouldn't touch Meachem based on his rookie year, and the fact that Lance Moore had a spectacular season last year.

If you look past the 10 TD's Moore scored and look at the injuries suffered by him and Colston over the course of the offseason, I think this kid has a chance to do good things considering he has elite ability when given the oppurtunity to shine in a pass heavy offence.

3) Devin Thomas

I wasn't a big fan of last years WR class, but this kid is a special player and should see alot of balls if he wins the starting job.

I like his upside and reports have been good on his learning curve. A season with 40 catches, 600 yards and 5 TD's is possible if Campbell can live up to his status as a West Coast passer.

4) James Davis

Let's take a hard look at the RB's that are ahead of him, and I think this kid is closer to a starting gig than most people think. He slid in the draft because Clemson had a bad season, but not all of that is Davis's fault. He is quick, powerful and can break tackles. (3 things Lewis doesn't have anymore)

5) Rashad Jennings

Can you imagine what a young Fred Taylor paired with a young Mojo would be like? Well buckle up, because if he takes Taylors old role we could be seeing "Double Trouble Double" all over again. He is a good character kid with loads of upside. Don't let his draft status fool you, he is in a good spot to produce right out of the gate.

6) Jared Cook

All I have heard about this kid is how much of a specimen he is. Obviously he is a wait and see, but if he gets the oppurtunity his teammate Chris Johnson got last year, he could shine. Especially in an offence that throws to it's tight-ends quite a bit.

7) Michael Bush

This guy is a beast! He won't start out as the feature guy, but by seasons end he could be, as part of a two-headed monster with McFadden. I also believe the window for the coaches in Oakland is very short and if he can get into the end-zone on a rugular basis, they will employ him as much as possible to keep their jobs.

If Oakland can make it to the red-zone he will be more useful there than McFadden.

8) David Clowney

He may be a bit of a mystery to alot of people, but he is a good reciever that can make plays in the passing game. If he wins the No. 2 job, we will have Lance Moore the second in 09/10. I can see a productive season out of this one this year, if he avoids injury.

9) Bernard Scott

I personally think anyone who recides behind Cedric Benson is worth taking a flyer on. He was productive in college but he was a huge character concern coming to the NFL. If he can mature and play with his heart instead of his mouth he could produce. Then again, Benson has burned me once and I'm sure he could do it again.

10) Colt Brennan

Let's face it, if Campbell starts out terrible and doesn't connect downfield with his recievers he will be done in Washington as a starter. And I think Colt Brennan is smarter in his decision making and reads than Campbell.

If he has another strong pre-season then I think this is their man. He has a Philip Rivers like throwing style, but it is affective, as Rivers has shown.

11) Glen Coffee

From the sounds of things Frank Gore will be getting a bit of help in San Francisco. I am not writing off Frank Gore by no means, but if this kid is the No. 2 back, if something were to happen to Gore he would become a waiver wire special.

If you own Gore than I would handcuff him to this kid, even if it's a round earlier than you would like. Also because of the way Singletary wants to play football this year. Good defence and a strong running game are in the cards for this team.

12) Brian Robiskie

If your looking at a break-out rookie campaign and Maclin, Harvin and Crabtree are no longer available, then look no further than this kid from Ohio State. He is blessed with having a reciever coach his whole life. You can't ask for better than that if your a WR.

His situation seems to be pretty good also. The Browns traded Winslow and only Edwards is left to take all the pressure away from the defence, so I see Robiskie claiming his duties as the number two and becoming a good football player for their organization for years to come. Don't miss out on this one!

13) Brady Quinn

Let's face it, Anderson stinks! Not only that, Brady Quinn is a young QB who is in his third year and has loads of potential. If your looking for a break-out candidate then I would go back to the Browns offence and hope he can maximize his potential to be a good starting QB.

His weapons aren't to shabby and don't be the guy halfway through the season going, "I didn't see this coming"! It happens every year.

14) Ahmad Bradshaw

He gets thrust into the role of second string behind Jacobs. That isn't a bad role when your team consistently runs the ball with a great offensive line. He has shown in his career so far that when called into duty he can shine.

I think he is the perfect complement to Jacobs, and he will get a fair share of touches. Just keep "Andre The Giant" off your back and you should have a really good year.

15) Leon Washington

I honestly don't care all that much that they drafted Shonn Greene. He was brought in to replace Thomas Jones in the near future, and Leon Washington and Darren Sproles prove you don't have to be a red-zone back to score touchdowns.

This football player catches balls, returns punts and can score from anywhere on the field. Washington is the most explosive back on that roster and he will show it again this year. Just hope he shows to camp!

16) Ray Rice

Don't get caught sleeping when this kid gets rolling. He is undersized, but so is Deangelo, Mojo, Sproles, Washington Slaton and C. Johnson apparently. This Raven is a tough between the tackles runner who provides the team with a playmaker in the backfield.

We got a glimpse of his potential last year, and I can't stand watching McGahee get carried off the field. Mclain may get goal-line touches but Rice will be a bargain in drafts this year. McGahee is done!

17) Martin Rucker

Do you remember how sweet it was having Winslow when he played? Well, Rucker has the tools to catch those balls. If he can maintain his health and win the job as their pass-catching tight-end, then he could provide you with some nice production.

I would listen to training camp updates before taking a flyer on him though.

18) Chaz Schilenz

This kid looks like the only one who can catch a pass in Oakland. Obviously they drafted a WR in the first round, but he has a good grip of the offence and maybe their biggest threat until Heyward-Bey steps up.

Word from OTA's was that he looked good, so I am going to give him a little love and hopefully he steps up for the Raiders.

19) Josh Freeman

If you look at who sits atop the QB pecking order his way to the top starts looking pretty good. He is a good character kid who may or may not need that much time to develop. The Bucs put a stamp on this kid at the draft and he could pan out better than Sanchez or Stafford. I said COULD!

That doesn't mean he will, but I like the targets and the arm strength to get the ball downfield. Dynasty leagues love ball players like this guy.

20) Mark Sanchez

This guy looked like the real deal! I think this kid will thrive in NY, and become a good leader, as well as a franchise QB they knew they were getting. QB`s are really tough to call, but I think everyones got a good feeling about this kid.

In two or three years he could be a top 5 QB if everything goes well for them in their next few drafts. I see a Dez Bryant maybe in the cards for this team, and remember they got Dustin Keller.

Thank you for reading my article! If you disagree with some of the people on this list, just blame it on me being Canadian. And I wasn`t putting people like Greg Olsen, Anthony Gonzalez, Chris Wells, Knowshon Moreno, Jeremy Maclin, Percy Harvin, Michael Crabtree, etc.. etc.. because I was writing about guys who are really good value late in drafts.

Everyone knows those guys are potential studs. Oh Yeah, don`t forget about Earl Bennett and Josh Morgan! Morgan sounds like the real deal. And Bennett is going to be catching passes from Cutler, who has a history with him already.


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