Viral Video Breakdown: Boston Fans, Jackie Robinson and More Hot Videos

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterApril 19, 2013

Viral Video Breakdown: Boston Fans, Jackie Robinson and More Hot Videos

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    Boston fans united in one of the most beautiful renditions of the national anthem, Jackie Robinson was all the rage and we have a great recap of some amazing videos that hit the Internet this week. 

    We were fortunate enough to come across a rarely seen image of Robinson, an MLB legend, dominating on the football field. 

    There was also a recent moment that we will never forget, when Bruins fans illustrated their strength and perseverance in an emotional singing of the "Star-Spangled Banner."

    Of course, these are just our suggestions of the best videos of the week. If you have any you feel were slighted, correct that mistake in the comments section below. 

Boston Bruins Sing Wonderful Rendition of National Anthem

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    This has been a remarkably difficult week for all those in Boston. The usual fun and frivolity of the Boston Marathon was brought to an abrupt halt by two devastating explosions. 

    On Wednesday night, the entire crowd united for one of the loudest and most poignant renditions of a time-honored anthem. 

    More Information: Boston Bruins Fans Unite in Beautiful Rendition of National Anthem

Jackie Robinson's Gridiron Greatness

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    Many of you have already taken in the movie 42, which covers the remarkable story of Dodgers legend Jackie Robinson breaking baseball's color barrier. 

    USC was kind enough to release this beautiful video of Robinson in one of his other endeavors, playing football for UCLA. 

    More Information: Video of Jackie Robinson Playing Football for UCLA Will Brighten Your Day

Half-court Shot for $8,000

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    Matt Hasselbeck just wanted the No. 8 when he joined his new team. His ingenious idea was to offer Colts quarterback Chandler Harnish one shot from half court for the number. 

    One epic heave later, Hasselbeck had his number, but not before giving $8,000 to Harnish for his prized number. 

    More Information: Colts Dispute over Matt Hasselbeck's Number Ends with Marvelous Half-Court Shot

Alex Ovechkin: Class Act

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    Alex Ovechkin decided to provide his fans a solid by asking passersby to play him in an impromptu hockey game.

    Make sure you are prepared to bring your A-game when walking the streets of Washington, because you never know when a star NHL player will ask you to join his team.  

    More Information: Street Hockey Pickup Game Far Better with Capitals Star Alex Ovechkin

Tony Allen: Karaoke Maestro

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    The Memphis Grizzlies' Tony Allen was hosting his aptly named "Tony Allen Karaoke Night" when he decided to steal the show. 

    He goes old school to hit the best parts of the classic "This is How We Do It." Indeed, Allen. Indeed. 

    More Information: Tony Allen Singing Karaoke Is the Best Worst Thing of All Time

Tony Gwynn Talks out of His, Well, You Know

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    This dated video resurfaced just long enough to get us chuckling anew. Outfielder Tony Gwynn Jr. is getting blasted by hecklers. 

    Like a champ, Gwynn turns the situation around and gets the entire section laughing as he lets his glove do the talking. 

    More Information: Tony Gwynn Jr. Destroys Heckler with Trash-Talking Glove Routine

Ear Muffs

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    Throw this one into the pile of things that are so bad they are very much excellent. 

    Georgia coach Mark Richt provides a cameo in his son's Bulldogs anthem that will have you laughing out loud. Unless you are a Georgia fan, of course. 

    More Information: Mark Richt's Son Drops 'Dawg Bite' Georgia Anthem, Bulldogs No Longer Terrifying

That's Not a Glove. This Is a Glove.

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    Why, what a mighty big glove you have there. 

    During Monday night's game against the Cardinals, a Pirates fan finally got to put his enormous glove to use, catching a foul ball. 

    Really, how could he possibly drop it? 

    More Information: Pittsburgh Pirates Fan Catches Foul Ball with Ridiculous, Oversized Glove

Own Goal Oopsie

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    By definition, all own goals are horrible. This one is particularly unfortunate for the player just trying to clear the ball. 

    FC Utrecht defender Mike van der Hoorn tries to save a goal against AZ Alkmaar and manages to secure one instead. 

    The good news, of which there is little, is the goal hardly mattered, because his team lost, 6-0. 

    More Information: Dutch Soccer Player Chips Horribly Bad Own Goal into His Net

Ryan Lochte the Comedian

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    Ryan Lochte struggled through an interview with the usual bumps and stutters that we have come to expect. 

    The one thing that makes this particular interview so wonderful is the hosts can't contain themselves afterward. Sports' Forrest Gump strikes again. 

    More Information: Interviewing Ryan Lochte Makes News Anchors Break Down into Tears Laughing


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