Dutch Soccer Player Chips Horribly Bad Own-Goal into His Net

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Own goals happen in soccer but chances are you’re not likely to see many go this awry.

A Dutch Eredivisie match between FC Utrecht and AZ Alkmaar was already heading south when Utrecht defender Mike van der Hoorn neatly chipped an accidental own goal into the back of his keeper’s net. 

The 20-year-old Dutch centre-back was facing his goal, ostensibly looking to deny a cross from an Alkmaar striker when a bit of poor defending by a teammate put him in a terribly awkward position. 

A cross from the far side of the pitch dropped nicely down into the feet of one of van der Hoorn’s teammates, Davy Bulthuis, who failed to clear the ball in time. The result was a steal for Alkmaar's Roy Beerens with the goal gaping.

The following strike rebounded off the near post and the ball fell into van der Hoorn’s feet. What came next, well, we can only speculate.

Possibly feeling pressure from an attack behind him, the young defender panicked and botched a chip out of bounds with his right foot that dropped neatly into the back of the net.

No sooner had the ball hit the nylon did the Internet react, it would appear, with fans creating a very intensive and insightful Wikipedia page for van der Hoorn.

A whopping two references were used to create the page that encapsulates the young Dutch defender’s life. Very touching work. 

Other fans of van der Hoorn, however, showed perspective and took to the Web to express regret for the unearned level of infamy surrounding the young man’s recent mistake.  

Poor guy, indeed. The own goal was one of six put in the back of the FC Utrecht net during their 6-0 loss Sunday to Alkmaar in which they had two men sent off in the first half. 

Walk it off, Mikey. These things happen sometimes. Not often in this fashion usually, but you know, just roll with it.  

The referee understands what it’s like to blow a big moment: Dr__Carson

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