Video of Jackie Robinson Playing Football for UCLA Will Brighten Your Day

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 17, 2013

Watching Jackie Robinson dominate in any sport is a beautiful thing. 

USC Athletics (h/t Next Impulse Sports) showed how generous they could be by releasing rare footage of former UCLA star and MLB legend Robinson playing football. 

Of course, we have seen footage of him before but hardly in an athletic endeavor outside baseball. 

Take a quick jaunt over to YouTube, and you can see the man who broke baseball's color barrier smack balls into the outfield and steal home. Many of you have even seen the glorious re-telling of his story in the new hit movie 42.

It's hard to find the Renaissance man of sport dominating off the baseball field, and it's pretty much as wonderful as you would imagine. 

Pay close attention to No. 28 on the field. He is the old-school maestro who gets the ball in the backfield to start the video. Like a lithe Marshawn Lynch, he just won't go down. 

The best part of the short but captivating archive footage has to be Robinson playing savior at the 39-second mark. With USC about a yard away from getting the game's only touchdown, Robinson lays down a devastating hit to blast the football loose. 

The man could run, and he could most certainly hit, in just about any sport. 

An already remarkable moment in sports history has an added note of intrigue for Los Angeles competition. As Next Impulse Sports reports, the two bitter rivals went on to tie the game that played out before a record 103,303 fans at the L.A. Coliseum. 

While USC went on to the Rose Bowl, Robinson would leave to change baseball history. 


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