Colts Dispute over Matt Hasselbeck's Number Ends with Marvelous Half-Court Shot

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Real men settle their differences at half court. 

At least that is how a pair of backup quarterbacks decided to settle theirs recently. With Leather spotted a couple of half-court shots currently making their rounds on the Internet.

The more intriguing shot is this one featuring Colts quarterback tandem Matt Hasselbeck and Chandler Harnish. As Hasselbeck makes yet another stop along his 14-year career, he runs into a player wearing a number he is accustomed to having. 

No matter, because Hasselbeck offers a deal he is sure to win. The 37-year-old quarterback who played for the Tennessee Titans last season will give Harnish one shot from half court. 

If the backup quarterback sinks the shot, he gets to sell the No. 8 to the veteran for $8,000 that will be dedicated to a charity of Harnish's choice. 

Yahoo! Sports has more on Harnish and the charity he decided to go with when he dropped this epic shot from half court. 

Harnish was "Mr. Irrelevant" in the 2012 NFL draft and received a signing bonus of $45,896 from the Colts in his rookie contract. Harnish split his rookie season between the Colts' 53-man roster and practice squad before he was re-signed to the team on Jan. 7, receiving a $10,000 signing bonus to do so. 

He is no longer irrelevant because he is delighting football fans in the offseason with a shot usually relegated to NBA halftime sideshows. 

As for that money, Harnish, who is hardly an NFL superstar, is giving it away to charity.

Harnish goes on to claim on his Twitter feed that this was indeed the real deal, offering, "Twitter handle (@CHarnish8) will be changed soon, haha it's so hard to part with it! Also, any doubters out there. That was legit, one take, first shot!" 

Don't sleep on my man Harnish. He may be a late-round pick who sits well behind Andrew Luck and Hasselbeck on the depth chart, but he is a cold-blooded sharpshooter from half court. 

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