Street Hockey Pickup Game Far Better with Capitals Star Alex Ovechkin

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterApril 17, 2013

Walk around Washington long enough, and Alex Ovechkin may just pop up and offer to play some hockey with you. 

CBS Sports reports on a beautiful moment when a sports star managed to provide some impromptu smiles from local sports fans, even those who might not recognize the hockey star. 

According to the article, Ovechkin asked random people walking on F Street if they wanted to play some hockey. 

Obviously, the sight of Ovi produces great smiles from fans who recognize him and terrifying stares from those who just see this man beast in full gear demanding a hockey game, so we forgive those who declined his offer. 

Eventually, a pickup game begins right outside the Verizon Center with slick play-by-play provided for people who had no idea their day would feature playing hockey with one of the best in the game. 

We appreciate that this game seems to continue unfettered by passing cars. As we learned from Wayne's World, that could get quite annoying. 

Yahoo! Sports recently reported on an interview delivered by Ovechkin's fiancee, tennis star Maria Kirilenko, that illustrates what happens when the star loses sight of his beloved in the stands. 

Once we bought tickets not to where we usually sit. After the game, his shirt was a little dirty. He told me that he couldn't find me in the stands and smashed everything in the locker room. Coaches asked him what was wrong. He said that he couldn't find me and [his] dad. He was shown where we were sitting. And he calmed down and scored a hat trick.

Thankfully, Ovi keeps his cool. 

In a bizarre turn, you should probably ask Ovechkin if he knows where his fiancee is before you decide to play him. In fact, it might be best to just not mention the tennis star at all.

For now, game on!

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