NFL Hotheads: Worst Tempers on Each Team

Clay DefayetteCorrespondent IIIAugust 22, 2011

NFL Hotheads: Worst Tempers on Each Team

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    Football is a sport of great emotion and every player uses his emotion in a different way than the next guy.

    Some stomp their feet (or cleat), yell at teammates often, and some even laugh off a terrible losing effort.  It's those that cannot keep calm in times of pressure that really stand out.

    Here are the main characters for each team that are or seem angry often.

New England Patriots: Albert Haynesworth

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    When he's invested into the game, Haynesworth can do dirty things that are unwarranted.

    Against the Cowboys years ago when Fat Albert was with the Titans, he put his cleat on center Andre Gurrard's grill.  Chad Ochocinco has blown up on the sideline against Carson Palmer many times, but an act that would qualify as assault off the field gives Albert the win.

    Don't get near Haynesworth on the interstate, either.

Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning

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    Manning's work ethic excuses some of his actions.

    Like cussing at his center on the sideline and blaming his offense line for a playoff loss against the Steelers.  Let's be honest though, the kicker had it coming.

San Diego Chargers: Philip Rivers

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    It's hard to believe that two quarterbacks would be on this list.

    Rivers is even worse with his emotions than Manning. 

    He's had words with Jay Cutler on the field during a game as well as responding to Colts' fans during a playoff win.  He's a fiery leader and his teammates like that.

Tennessee Titans: Cortland Finnegan

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    Finnegan should stop talking trash to those who are much larger than he is, which would include everyone but kickers.

    Pads and officials can protect him on the field from Andre Johnson, but he better not run into him off-the-field.

    Finnegan was also AWOL from practice this year, stating a "family matter."

    Notable Mention: Sean Smith

Oakland Raiders: Richard Seymour

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    When it comes to the Raiders, I'd like to deem the entire fan base for this selection.

    Tom Cable would be named, but he's no longer the coach.  He may still inflict harm on his wife or girlfriend though. 

    Richard Seymour will win the award for Oakland, but beating Roethlisberger to the ground is applauded by women everywhere.

Washington Redskins: LaRon Landry

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    He can work out all he wants, but LaRon Landry is a little man.

    Making fun of DeSean Jackson is fine, but doing so because he had a serious concussion that looked like it could have killed him?

    Spitting in another man's face before the battle even begins?  At least Shanahan takes it out internally against his own, lazy players.

    The rest of the NFL thanks Brandon Jacobs for plowing over this safety.  Landry may want to try covering instead of spearing people.

Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh

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    Suh seems like a nice person away from the game.  He just hates quarterbacks.

    Football fans love seeing his throwback style of play unless he's taking it out on your signal caller.

    A $20,000 fine doesn't phase him, it only makes him angrier.  Jay Cutler may want to stay in the pocket next time as well.

Seattle Seahawks: Tom Cable

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    It's a stretch to give this award to a current offensive line coach, but when there's an entire ESPN Outside the Lines report on your behavior, you've earned it.

    Beating down one of your own coaches in a meeting can be passed off, but physically taking anger out on women is being a moron.

    Honorable Mention: Raheem Brock.

Pittsburgh Steelers: James Harrison

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    Hines Ward can be called greasy, but he always does his dirty deeds with a smile on his face.

    James Harrison is mad at the world.

    The chip on his shoulder has gotten him this far in his career, so why change the approach now?

Jacksonville Jaguars: Jack Del Rio

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    Del Rio stands on the sidelines every Sunday looking super tense.

    Fans are just waiting for everything he has bottled up to explode with another poor David Garrard throw.  Okay, maybe not everyone.

    Jacksonville doesn't have anyone that stands out on this subject, unless Maurice Jones-Drew calling out Jay Cutler leaving the NFC Championship qualifies him as the leader. 

    The Jaguars' coach looks like he longs for the time when he roamed the field.

New York Jets: Santonio Holmes

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    This is an upset pick.

    Holmes seems fine when he's playing, but bars would beg to differ.  A player has to do something really bad for the Steelers to rid themselves of the person. 

    Bart Scott and Rex Ryan seem to be putting on acts more than genuinely displaying anger, but I could see giving either the award.

Baltimore Ravens: Ray Lewis

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    This could be the easiest pick. 

    What's odd about Ray Lewis is that he seems to preach in his pre-game speeches.

    Nevertheless, any NFL player than can't get ready to play by listening to Lewis needs to have his pulse taken. 

    And by the way, remember when Lewis was investigated for murder?

Cincinnati Bengals: Mike Brown

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    Bengals fans, sorry your owner makes emotional decisions.

    The head of an organization cannot let personal feelings about employees get in the way of how the business is run. 

    Holding onto Carson Palmer because he signed a huge contract is good in theory, but Brown is keeping the quarterback to spite him.

    It'd be easy to say Cedric Benson, but Brown is the person who keeps bringing players like Benson to his team over and over.

Miami Dolphins: Brandon Marshall

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    Maybe Marshall has finally figured his issue out. 

    He stays in the news nowadays more for his domestic violence cases and other fights than his play on the field.  Marshall is too talented of a player for this and hopefully it changes with better quarterback play.

    Honorable Mention: Tony Sparano if he can't get a starting quarterback soon.

Kansas City Chiefs: Todd Haley

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    Haley pisses a lot of people off.

    Maybe it's good for his team that he wears the burden or maybe he developed it dealing with Terrell Owens in Dallas as the offensive coordinator.

    Either way, Haley doesn't put up with anyone he believes is slighting him.  Haley and Charlie Weis were believed to have a feud before Weis left for the University of Florida.

Denver Broncos: Brandon Lloyd

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    Lloyd is definitely cleaning up his act, but it's a process.

    He fell out of favor with Joe Gibbs in Washington and with his old Illinois coach in Chicago due to a poor attitude.  Perrish Cox is still on the Broncos' roster and his offense is one of the worst acts any NFL player has done. 

    Someone has to be picked for Denver and let's just say it's not Tim Tebow.

New York Giants: Osi Umenyiora

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    Umenyiora got in a "Twitter Fight" with LeSean McCoy. 

    That's viable for the man card to be revoked, even if McCoy started with the fighting words. 

    Pouting over a new contract that he's not worth or even healthy enough to play under is another way to find a way on this list. 

    Umenyiora plays soft against the run on a line that is versatile on selfless minus Osi.

Cleveland Browns: Alex Mack

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    This spot is really vacant, not that there's not someone to fill it but that someone is unknown.

    For now, without Eric Mangini as the coach, Alex Mack will fill the spot.  Can we blame him for being pissed about someone grabbing his stuff?

Houston Texans: DeMeco Ryans

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    Ryans shows great emotion in leading the Texans' defense as their captain.

    The unit should be improved with new defensive coordinator Wade Phillips.

Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant

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    Sagging in the mall should not cause so much uproar, partly because the person wearing the pants should just pull them up like a big boy.

    Petty "crimes" at a mall shouldn't happen with a professional athlete, especially one with Bryant's talents. 

    On the other hand, a general manager asking if your mother is a prostitute can warrant whatever reaction the interviewee would like.

    Honorable Mention: Rob Ryan

Philadelphia Eagles: Asante Samuel

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    Samuel's pride was hurt when Philadelphia brought in Nnamdi Asomugha.  Maybe he doesn't realize that teams play more than one cornerback. 

    Deion Sanders calling you the best off-corner in the game is a complement when that's exactly what you are.

Chicago Bears: Brian Urlacher

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    Calling out Hall-of-Fame players who've played for your franchise is unheard of, but that's exactly what Urlacher did when he spoke out against Gale Sayers. 

    Jay Cutler and Urlacher even had something brewing when Cutler was just acquired from Denver. 

    The middle linebacker is a solid player and he has been a leader for years on a quality defense.  Those playing alongside him thrive off his attitude. 

    The All-Pro is respectful against his opponents unless he's given reason not to be.

Minnesota Vikings: Chris Kluwe

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    If a punter makes the list for any team, he should be dealt with internally. 

    Kluwe may have been correct with his tweets against the immortals of the game in saying, "Sigh, and once again greed is the operative byword.

    Congrats Brees, Manning, Mankins, and Jackson for being 'that guy'. #douchebags." 

    Can this guy be kicked away?

    Everyone wanted the lockout to end, but not to see Chris Kluwe punt a football.

San Francisco 49ers: Taylor Mays

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    Before Mays even played a game, he expressed anger against his old USC coach because he said Pete Carroll promised to draft him in the first round.

    Sorry Taylor, but Earl Thomas is definitely a better safety.

    Anyway, it's a business, and it's doubtful that Carrol really assured that to Mays when he saw his poor coverage skills first-hand for four years. 

    The Bears were recently interested in the heavy-hitter, wanting to make him a linebacker in their 4-3 if acquired.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Aqib Talib

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    Talib's talent allows the organization to keep him around, but he's done some sketchy things.

    He's assaulted a cab driver (simple battery, resisting arrest), and he fought a teammate at a rookie symposium before even playing a game.

    The shooting at his sister's boyfriend really put him over the top when it earned Talib an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

    There shouldn't be any criticism for Roger Goodell when he comes down hard on Talib.

Buffalo Bills: Shawne Merriman

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    Can it be blamed on 'roid rage?

    Merriman was accused, and I stress the word accused, by Tila Tequila of of trying to make her go "lights out."  If defending Merriman, I'd say Tequila is probably just that dramatic. 

    He has also been irritated with A.J. Smith, the Chargers' general manager.  However, many players have been fed up with Smith.

    Merriman looks for his play to speak for him this season with the Bills.

Green Bay Packers: Jermichael Finley

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    Bashing Chad Ochocinco for playing soccer during a lockout without being provoked is ignorant.

    Ochocinco has racked up more statistics than Finley will likely ever accumulate, even if he figures out a way to stay on the field. 

    Finley also has already added fire against his own team by calling out the Eagles and Saints.  It wouldn't be so bad if he'd be on the field to play them.

New Orleans Saints: Gregg Williams

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    This man hates surrendering anything, even when it comes to the preseason.

    Unloading blitzers at Alex Smith in the first glorified scrimmage is one way to let everyone know you mean business. 

    Williams has suggested before that he wanted to injure Peyton Manning.  All is well when the defense plays at a high level.

St. Louis Rams: Chris Long

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    Anyone who's ever watched Long play knows that he takes after his Hall-of-Fame dad.

    His motor is always running.  No matter if he's tracking down a quarterback or running back.

Arizona Cardinals: Joey Porter

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    Trash talk and bar fights are just a few things to name that have been consistent with Joey Porter.  He needs a good season with Arizona to stay on the roster.

Carolina Panthers: Steve Smith

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    He's punched a teammate in the face during a practice. He's so intense that he broke his arm in a flag football game. Steve Smith plays much bigger than 5'9".

Atlanta Falcons: Offensive Line

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    It's not great to label five guys for this, but Atlanta's offensive line is as gritty as it gets. They may be undersized but there are few better units in the league