Pittsburgh Steelers: Top 10 Most Overblown Debates in Steelers History

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Pittsburgh Steelers: Top 10 Most Overblown Debates in Steelers History
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The history of the Pittsburgh Steelers, similar to the annals of other teams throughout NFL history, has seen a number of close calls, questionable decisions and unpredictable performances. 

Naturally, these hair-raising and borderline scenarios incite debate amongst the Steelers Nation, including an occassional "call to arms" against other fanbases.

No franchise is immune.

From "Music City Miracles" to debates involving Brett Favre and Bart Starr, sports are a platform tailor-made for controversies. 

Nothing goes without scrutiny. 

Unfortunately, we live in a sports culture of excuse-makers, whiners and debaters who are willing to make the routine seem wrong. 

Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but all Black and Gold supporters know the agony of hearing something counter-intuitive to the obvious.  I'm sure Steelers fans have heard, "Santonio didn't get both feet down." 

Surrounding loyal fans is a yield of envious fans whose cause is to justify their own perspective with superficial analysis. 

Sometimes, even the seemingly obvious events get blown out of proportion, and even the most diehard fans lose sight of the truth in these events. The brainwashing surely runs deep, especially with the P.T.I. phenomenon. Everyone loves a good debate and a controversial opinion.

Even the "experts" are paid to take opposite stances with one another, all the while convincing a viewing public of their professional accuracy, like a defense attorney for the State of Pennsylvania vs. Ben Roethlisberger.

Naturally, the charges indicted upon him are "not breaking the plane of the goal line in Super Bowl XL," statute 6.7.3B of the anti-Steelers handbook labelled "Nix Number Six."

Seahawks fans argue to this day about that trial, as if the court of public opinion is going to convince the NFL to reopen the case.

Regardless of how annoying an opposing opinion can be for the self-assured, there's a beauty to point and counterpoint. It's the beauty of sports. It's the conversation of sports.

Heck, outside of the athletic events themselves, it IS sports!

But a few of these cockamamy debates need to be nixed themselves!

Whether amongst themselves or against other fanbases, here are the top 10 most unnecessary debates related to the Pittsburgh Steelers. 

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