Power Ranking the 50 Gutsiest Decisions in NFL History

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Power Ranking the 50 Gutsiest Decisions in NFL History
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There will always be tough coaching decisions in the NFL, as that goes with the territory. Games are won and lost routinely on specific coaching decisions. As close as NFL teams are to each other in terms of talent, it is the ability of NFL head coaches to make gutsy decisions in the clutch that separates the great teams from the rest of the pack.

Some gutsy decisions work out quite well, and the rewards are huge. Some other gutsy decisions turn out quite badly, and sometimes heads roll as a result. A gutsy move does not necessarily have to work out okay to make it gutsy.

In fact, if a gutsy move doesn't pan out, that is really what makes it gutsy—because of what was at stake, and the probability that the move could backfire. When the results are what was hoped for, the move then transitions from gutsy to dumb or stupid.

But we are going to strive to not stoop to that level. We will recognize 50 gutsy moves for what they were at the time the decision was made, gutsy. The results vary but that is why you make a gutsy move to begin with, because you don't know what the actual results will be until you put the idea in for real.

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